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Diseases are a significant limiting factor for papaya production. The nature and frequency of these diseases depend on local conditions and effective management depends on a thorough knowledge of the pathogen, host plant, environment, and their interaction. The precise identity of the causal agent is of paramount importance, and disease management options must be economical. Assessment of disease incidence or severity, and fruit loss are the key factors in determining the economics of disease management. In general, disease management strategies involve different practices that include plant resistance, and prophylactic and curative measures. The papaya diseases related have diverse etiologies, divided into those with biotic (infectious) and abiotic (noninfectious) etiologies that affect the fruit and those affecting the plant. We have attempted to emphasize procedures for diagnosis and control with detailed information on each. Descriptions of pathogens are provided in sufficient detail to assist professional diagnosticians in making accurate diagnosis. Fungicides used to control many of the diseases described in this chapter are mentioned for information proposes only. Legal restrictions and regulations of fungicide use vary among countries, and regulations within any country are subject to change over time. The information reported has been extracted from the available scientific literature and the authors’ experience, and we hope that this publication will provide a helpful reference to growers, students, and professionals working with papaya.
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Papaya is a very tasty fruit that satisfies many of our body's needs.
It provides a lot of nutrients to the body and when it is ripe, the secrets inside can be eaten as a juice with a blender.

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Many people eat or like to eat this fruit in Iftar and evening or morning Most people prefer to eat it with juice.
Bangladesh has more teachers than other countries as it fills the deficiency of vitamin C. It is used as a green fruit which helps our body make other nutrients.
Among other countries, it is more common in China or it is cultivated or cultivated in China. New varieties of mango litchi are being cultivated differently and new varieties are being developed.

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