­čĹ»Creativity for kids­čĹ» created by @shakil001 for @greatketty.

Every kid in the world loves to play. If you treat them well from a young age, if you love them, if you help them to play by their side, if they are by their side, if they help them to play, they will adopt him and play with him as a small child. Talking a little chowganga or showing anger then they break down and they start crying.
So it is not right to stop small children from making anything because they are very happy when they can make that thing and it slowly moves towards it when they grow up because when a small child plays with a plane he has no idea about love. She's just a little He just thinks it's just a toy but he doesn't move when he grows up. I played with that plane as a child. I will run or learn to fly, I will recharge on it, I will study, so it can be said that when children start playing as children. Then don't stop them.They have to be allowed to create something new and play like them
It is important to pay attention to what they can learn and take lessons from, so that when children discover or discover something they do not have to waste it.Thanks to everyone and more thanks to the members of the community.

Love for @shakil001
Thanks by @greatketty

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