Poultry rearing

Important educational topics in Poultry Module;

Housing management

Separate the baby from the mother hen

Hazal making and use


Test the eggs with a candle

. Food management

. Data storage

. Networking

The information described on the web page is very important for improved poultry rearing which has helped in increasing the knowledge and skills of the members participating in the farmer field school. You can expand it to other farmers around you.

Use proper housing for poultry

Poultry needs comfortable accommodation, protected from rain and other harmful animals.
Light and airy habitat is very suitable for poultry. Doors and windows can be made of metal wire if needed.

Poultry habitats need to be kept clean regularly and this can be done easily in improved habitats.

It is best to keep the shelter in a shady place to protect it from excessive sunlight
If you build a two-storey house, you can raise more chickens in less space. It is better to complete each floor at a height of 2.75 feet.
. If you can make two to three coops on each floor of the house then you can keep big chickens and small chickens separately.

. How big the habitat will be will depend on the number of poultry.

For keeping 15-20 big chickens and 40-50 small chickens

Housing 6 feet long, 4 feet wide and 2.75 feet high per floor is required.

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