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I hope you are all well and safe. I'm fine too.This boy is my best friend and I went to the hospital with him to donate blood a few days ago because he had a problem with a relative who went to donate blood to him He was fed water glucose mixed with milk and fruits so that he would not have any problem after giving blood and they did not have any physical problem.And the reason for donating blood I caught and you will learn from these.


*Reason for giving blood:

1.Every 120 days means that the cells that make up the blood (RBC) die for four consecutive months. So new blood is made every 4 months. Every four months, the blood is destroyed automatically. Only 360 ml of blood can be donated without wasting it.

*What are the benefits of blood donation:

1.When blood is donated, the organs from which blood is produced are organon
Stays active,Therefore, the chances of contracting those organ-related complex diseases are reduced.

2.After donating blood, screening tests are performed before the blood flows into the patient's body, which also tests for the presence of certain life-threatening viruses (HIV, , SYPHILIS, MALARIA) for free.

*Is there any physical problem when donating blood:?

Giving blood does not cause any physical problem because we have not found out the amount of blood in our body that is supposed to be wasted after four months but we have taken it out artificially due to which people sometimes drink water for headaches or 10 -15 Take a minute to rest.

*Who can not give blood?

1.Age: 18 years

2.Weight: 45 kg

3.The presence of anemia

3.If you have any major operation, malaria, jaundice, typhoid in the previous 6 months of blood donation.

5.Pressure, if you have diabetes.

6.In case of women during menstruation, during pregnancy and during breastfeeding.

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Greetings friend, you share some very interesting information, I congratulate you because donating blood is a gesture of love

08.05.2021 03:05