THE DIARY GAME : 17/10/2020

I woke up in the morning refreshed and enjoyed the morning weather. The weather in the morning was captivating.

Today was the morning of October 17 and it has been sunny ever since. Which is why the weather is so cold it's not s
o hot.

I ate some fruits in the morning, for the purpose of some vitamins.



I woke up in the morning and sat for two hours reading. Because I am expecting a good job which is why every morning starts with my studies. I try to study for two hours every morning. After finishing my studies, I spend some time on TV and mobile.


Reading Book

In my busiest time I try to enjoy my life a little bit. Which is why I love to cook so as soon as I finish watching TV I start making lunch, around noon. Today I cook beef, curry fry, and salad for my older sister. The cooking has been really awesome.

It was almost afternoon when I went to bed. Then I woke up fresh, ate two biscuits and drank water. Because I know how the body feels a little weak when sleeping at noon. So I like to wake up and play something. Then after eating my sister's daughter was crying to go out. Later I went out with my sister's daughter. Even after going out, he plays a lot. I sat and watched the field game. We have a big field in front of our house. Many boys come there every afternoon to play football. So those who were to play and I sat and watched the Movie on my laptop.


Watching Movie

After dinner I started writing my diary for an estimate. It's almost time to sleep which is why I didn't take any more time.


Afternoon photographs

There was a lot of love for everyone in the community. I will always pray that everyone will be well by the grace of God. And you will all pray for me and my family
And a few words about me
My name is Sharmin. I have completed Diploma Engineering from a government college. I have completed Diploma in Civil Technology. I occasionally try to write something on my own, and I love drawing. And I'm trying to make my drawings better.

I wish you all good health. If there is any mistake, you will be forgiven..

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I guess you are a science a student student learning about "Transistors" . Yeah you need to study hard in case you are called for the interview. I pray for you to get job as soon as possible. The papaya might feel very sweet too. Well arranged diary game with caption, keep it up!



17.10.2020 17:11

Thank you so much for your nice feedback. I am also studying a lot for my job. Pray for me.

18.10.2020 07:04

fantastic diary post.

18.10.2020 19:06