From way of the city ।। Khulna

Today, my mind is not good, Nothing feels good to me. So I thought, I need to travel some where? Whatever I think, that's the job. 20191211_002811.jpg
On a motorcycle three friends left . Then we are 15 km from the city, Sitting on the far side of a river. Sit there and enjoy the humble air of nature. 20191211_002722.jpg
The air on the river bank cools the mind. Meanwhile, at night, you have to return home. We are on our way home. On the way, we stopped the motorcycle and ate coal drinks. It is a lot of fun today, sitting on the river, Many folk remember, sometimes I become nostalgic.20191211_002714.jpg
Now the mind is a little better, so after two days, I am back to you friends.

Thanks for being with me

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