Achievement 4: Applying markdown by @shadia931

Hello everyone here,
Hope everything is good and at my side am well as usual. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for verifying my achievements from 1 to 3 and now am here to do my achievement 4 task and hope this finds you well.

Achievement 4 is all about applying markdown and through this I want to take you through different steps of applying it as it makes your text or content look so nice and beautiful. And I really love and like it. But at first when I joined steemit i didn’t know about this until when I got an opportunity to go through achievement 4 task posts and here are my markdowns.


Firstly a markdown is a way to style text and it displays the document, formatting words as bold or italics, adding images and creating tables.


In making the header you start with # symbol and when you start with it then the text will increase so the more # symbols the more the text increases and this is seen on the example below;






So the more the #symbol the more the number of the text.

In this we use two stars that is to say at the beginning you use two stars and at the end also you use two stars and then the text will be bolden. That is ;
Then the text is now bold.

When you want your text to look in italics format then you go on and put one star at the beginning and the another one at the end of the text then you will have the italics format in your content. For example,

Your images with in your document can be aligned to the right, left and center. This reduces the images dimension when you align to the right or left and when to the center the image dimension doesn’t change at all.

To create a table is assembling a list of words and dividing them with rows and columns and to separate them with a line in the middle.
For example
Music | Artist
Sango | Eddy kenzo
Forever | Gyakie

These help you to go start to the site that is mentioned in the context instead of writing again about the link as in what it means for-example!

Here you want you’re text to be in the middle of your content. So you first write your text then align it to the center.

So under the listen we have the unordered and ordered lists
Unordered lists

  • cloth1
  • cloth2
    • cloth2a
      • cloth2b
        So this unordered lists where we have different lists with in the text.

Ordered lists

  1. Cloth1
  2. Cloth2
  3. Cloth3
    1. Cloth3a
      1. Cloth3b


Inconclusively I have learnt how to use and applying the markdown and indeed it makes the text look so beautiful and presentable. Than you so much for reading through my achievement 4 task and seeing forward to complete all of them because there educative and fun with steemit.

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