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Hello all my esteemed friends, I get up early this morning, get up, do wudu, go to the mosque for wudu, and perform the Fajr prayer, then recite the Qur'an, and then come back, then I go I walk in the fields next to my house and do some exercise which makes me feel better and fit. I walk for a while and look at the green trees around me and see the leaves. I look at the sun and see the sun rise in the morning which makes me very happyAnd early in the morning I see the sun rise and the sun's rays make my eyes feel very good and it looks great and then after a while I come back home, take a shower, change my clothes and my I go to the store and get involved in the daily chores of my life because I have small children that I have to do some work to feed and I work on a daily basis and make a living

Pomegranate fruit

You can see that this is a pomegranate tree and pomegranate is found in houses in our area and its special orchards are not found in our area. However, it is found in large numbers in mountainous areas and pomegranate in Pakistan. It is very popular and it can cure anemia and if it is eaten in a good way, its skin will be peeled off and its syrup is also found and which is very cold and in our area. It is very special. It is being sold at around Rs. 400 per kg and people like it very much. It is a very good brother and people all over Pakistan like it very much.

Green fields

You can see that these are the fields of my area and these are green fields and all kinds of crops are grown here. I see people work very hard and most of the hardworking people are found in my area and When they work hard, they get some money in the evening and the fatigue of the whole day goes away from them and from which they buy things etc. and feed their children and their way of life. Runs and most of the farming is done in my area and people are mostly farmers and depend on farming and what is here they cultivate wheat and cultivate maize and cultivate paddy And the potato crop is cultivated and people get a lot of profit. People eat with great relish and respect. And those who have their own land cultivate more. Some people lease the land. And they make money from it, and most of the people who have their own land also cultivate crops, and everyone is engaged in cultivating crops on them, and according to the verse Our area from Punjab to Punjab is very general and there is a lot of work here and there are offices in agriculture and there are spray shops.

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