Achievement 2: STEEMIT KEYS SECURITY by @sgmarvis 10june2021

Steem Greetings Friends
I will love to first express my gratitude of being in this wonderful platform. I am grateful for my country representatives’ #cameroon and most especially @saxopedia administrator of @steemameroon for reviewing and approving of my #achivement1 post, he is really doing grate as in representing the country, and I am really thankful for his services. this has given me the courage to go ahead and validate my #achievement2

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Steemit has a very powerful account security system. It has provided its users with a system of multiple keys which are called permission keys, they include;
posting key
active key
memo key
owner key
Each of the above mentioned keys are unique and all have their specific functions and they are so important to know them each by their functions considering the platform is not just a social media platform giving the users the great opportunity to create useful content and also get rewarded.

Have I Retrieved All my steemit Keys
Of course I have retrieved all my keys already during my registration process, by downloading them as PDF and it was complete and all correct.
what are the functions of each key
posting key
This key is a lower level password used for simple access such as posting, voting, commenting and following other accounts. So, this key is used to do daily assessing of the platform. Or though, this key can’t do nothing about financial transactions, the users have to keep it secure to avoid the interference of hackers who wants to vote or post on your own Steemit account.

The memo key is basically used to encrypt and decrypt messages sent and received among users, in the future, it is hoped that users can send and receive messages by using this this key.
Owner key
This key is the most useful, powerful and important key as compared to other keys. It gives the user control over other keys if he or she finds need to change any key. With the use of the OWER KEY, a user can recover a compromised account. However because of the importance of this key users should consider keeping it save thus preventing steemit account from been hackers.
What is the difference between the Master Password and Owner key
When you sign up on steemit for the first time, the master password is what the password is given to you. This is the highest level security that steemit is very sensitive to. It must be kept save and should not be communicated. You can also consider saving it as hard copy and keeping it save. The master password derives all permission keys including owner key. When owner key can change all permission key that is posting key, active key, memo key and owner key, but it can’t derives all keys, only master password can perform this role.
I recommend that you use each permission keys to perform specific purpose on steemit but also keep them safe and secure, avoid using the master key for operations on steemit for you can be hacked.
After I had downloaded my keys I immediately send them to my backup hard drive and also I printed it out in an A4 paper. I will recommend Chrome Browser as the best to browse steemit because it allows you to save your password and can be remembered each time you login.

how can I transfer my steemit tokens to another steemit user?
This is simple, follow the steps below.



  1. Go to your profile and click on the wallet button
  2. Login with your master password.
  3. Click on encryption ’’steemit’’ after when the dropdown menu has appeared,
  4. Click in transfer
  5. Enter the details of the receiver including the amount of steemit SBD to be transferred to the receiver by you.

how can I power-up my steemit?


1 Again go to your profile, click on wallet
2 Login with your Master password.
3 Click on encryption ’’steem’’ after when the dropdown menu has appeared,
4 Click on power-up
5 After, insert the required details and the amount of steem SBD to be powered up

Thanks for reading throw my #achievement2 special gratitude goes to;

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Congratulations @sgmarvis

You have passed Achievement 2 on understanding the purposed of the different keys offered to you on the steemit platform on creating your account. I personally happy you went ahead to show us how you can transfer seen token and power up your account from your wallet

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Please get ready for the next task on Achievement 3: Content Etiquette Link You are expected to know the Proof of Brain concept and able to produce and sharing quality/original content.

Greeter helper

10.06.2021 10:18

thanks a lot for the verification and encouragement it means a lot to me.

11.06.2021 11:22

Wooow I'm impressed with the way you presented your achievement2 task bro .that means much now about all your keys and can also do transactions on your wallet now ..but I encourage you to always do power ups in other to increase your reputation and stand a chance to become a great steemian tomorrow

10.06.2021 10:51

thanks a lot for the encouragement it means a lot to me.

11.06.2021 11:20