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Ulog#284 Wednesdaywalk by @tattoodjay- A short walk in our place, Baguio City

It was a very beautiful day today, the sun was up and shining. I went outside for a while to take photos of some of the plants that were here in our house. As soon as I went out this was the first flower that I saw, I asked my mom what was the flower and she said that it was a Pumpkin blossom. According to this website, this flower is an excellent source of Vitamin C, folate and other nutrients. You could even use it for salads,this made me curious on what it tastes.

I our backyard we have a Passion fruit vine(Here in the Philippines we call it Masaflora). I noticed that it is bearing fruit already. I can't wait for it to ripen and devour these fruits. I read online that these fruits are rich in antioxidants.
I was dumbfounded when I saw this pot because I never knew that onion leeks have flowers. I researched about it and it's because of the cold weather that it starts to flower. I thought that I could still eat this but the lower stem of the leek will become woody and tough and it would taste bitter. You can learn more about this here
The golden bamboo that you see there was given to me by one of my patients gardeners 2 years ago. It started off with just a small plant and now they are shooting up. Whenever I see it, it reminds me of my patient. He already has gone ahead. May his soul rest in Peace.
The tree beside the bamboo is our macopa also known as java apple tree. I was wondering why there were fruits already because it still wasn't the season. Though it's only part of the tree that has fruits.

I went to our grandma's garden, that big building is the landmark of our street. That building is convenient for us because they have a bank, grocery and a restaurants. If we need something for the house we just buy from there.
In the middle of the garden is the grotto. My grandma put the sculpture of the Blessed Virgin Mary there. Whenever I get the chance I also pray there.
Thank God for google search I finally was able to know what's the name of this flower. A Periwinkle, when I read it's name it sounded funny. I really think this flowers were beautiful
Here are some more photos of onion leek flowering, but these were in my grandma's garden.
Before leaving the house, I was wondering why the pond had no water in it. One of our helpers told me that he was going to clean it because it clogging already
Here are all the fish that were in that pond, mostly are gold fish. The gold fish there grew in numbers. We used to have Koi before but they all died in one incident.
To end this post, here's a view of one of the restaurant that I went to awhile ago. I really hope that the trees will be preserved until the future. Hope you guys had a great day too!
Thanks for reading!


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