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The Diary Game Season 3 (05-17-2021) A Relaxing Monday

Good Day Guys

Let me share with you what happened during my day, I slept at around 2 am in the morning because I couldn't sleep and I woke up at around 6:15 am to get ready for work. I was really slow when I was getting ready. My Monday mindset was already kicking in. I wasn't excited about work and I felt really tired.

I had to drive myself to work so I left the house at around 7:40 am. When I was driving going to work, I noticed that it was more traffic than usual. I was kinda worried if I'm going to be late. I was able to park at our family friend's place at around 7:56. I was brisk walking, going to my workplace. I was also able to take some photos before going there.


I had to pass through the triage before entering my workplace and I timed in at around 7:59. We are late if we time in at 8:01. I hit a buzzer-beater haha. I was then taking my time going to our department. When I reached our department if put down my bag. I then listed the patients who are still confined in the hospital. My estimate was 4 patients. We had to wait for our doctor to do the rounds before treating our patients. I was just using my phone while waiting for our doctor.

Our doctor came and endorsed all the patients. We were really lucky because the 2 patients were about to leave the hospital and we didn't need to treat them. We just had to coordinate if ever they wanted to continue their treatment at home or as an OPD. Our doctor told us to treat the patient at a later time because she was undergoing a procedure.

We finally got new toys. Our chief requested BP cuffs and a Pulse Oximeter. We asked for it because apparently last Tuesday, someone took our BP apparatus without permission and never returned it. We also asked for a pulse oximeter because the pulse oximeter that we are using is broken. This is what we use whenever we take the vital signs of our patients. That's why it's really important that we have these.

We went to our only patient and she's at the ICU. She's a really old person in her 90s and she suffered from a stroke. We actually didn't have to bring out apparatus because they had their own in the ICU. We were 3 when we treated her. We let the occupational therapist go ahead and treat her while we were watching. The OT was trying to make her eat but our patient didn't like to.

When it came to our treatment, we were closely monitoring the heart rate because it would spike out of nowhere. We were finally done treating our patients. There's one thing that I don't like right now and it's the weather. It's really getting hotter and hotter every day. It really sucks to wear a PPE while treating our patients, I just hate the heat.

After treating our patient we went down to our department, disinfected, charged, and updated the doctor. We then waited for lunch and ate.


After the break, we were just talking with my other colleagues. One of my colleague's applications is already ready and I'm actually waiting for mine also. We are going to take a test. For some reason, I couldn't review for the test. It's really difficult for me to retain the things that I've been reading. Half of me feels really pressured. I have to pass this test or I would be wasting cash. During the afternoon, I was just answering practice questions. My head would drop because of my lack of sleep. I was able to review a little.

Finally, it hit 5 pm and we were all going home. I had to bring this snack that I bought from my colleague. I was going to give it to the family that lets me park at their place. But when I went there, there were no people. So I plan to give it another day. I then drove home.

When I got home, the first thing that I did was disinfect myself. I also continued reviewing. I was kinda hungry so I ate some snacks.I then called my girlfriend just to tell her about my day and ask her what happened in hers. When my brother finished using my pc, I went to my room and used it and when dinner was ready, I ate. After eating dinner, I had to prepare my lunch for the next day. I usually bring the leftovers from our dinner and add egg to it. After preparing dinner, I continued reviewing. I noticed that I have a short attention span already wherein I easily get distracted while reviewing. Though I was able to review a subject, I think that it wasn't enough. I'm planning to schedule my exam next month. I hope that I will pass it.

I hope that you guys had a wonderful day!

Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

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