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Post a PHOTO of Your Mobile Phone Challenge- My K20 Pro

Good Day Guys

Hey guys! I know that I haven't posted for a very long time because I've been really busy lately and adapting to change.

As soon as I saw the contest SHARE A PHOTO OF YOUR MOBILE PHONE CHALLENGE it made me think of a topic to write about.

I actually asked my brother to take photos of my phone with his camera so I'll be using some of those photos in this post.

Here's the story of my phone. Most of my phones were hand-me-downs and gifts. My phone prior to my phone right now was an iPhone 5s given by my cousin from Canada. It was already breaking down because the battery wouldn't even last long.
I was thoroughly researching what to get and I decided to get a cellphone from Xiaomi because I had a Mi3 before.


Last 2019 was my very first year of employment. The first thing that I was saving for was a new cellphone. Because this was a newer version during that year, it was difficult to look for a physical unit. So I decided to buy the phone from Shopee, from a seller called winmishop. I chose this seller because everything was positive reviews. To be honest I was also pretty scared that I got it online, but right now I could say that it's worth it. The unit that I got is called the K20 Pro


Here's a video of when I did the unboxing of my phone. I was pretty impressed when I got this phone because it was tightly sealed and was wrapped with a lot of bubble wrap. It even came with some freebies.

This phone has just been my best friend for these past years. I always bring it with me, and I couldn't leave it hahaha. This phone has been really handy, I use it to text, surf the internet, call, and do some of my crypto stuff. And this is also what I use for my alarms

To be honest, I really love android phones compared to the IOS because I could do so much with them. I love that you could just plug it into your computer and do file transfers conveniently.


I also bought this for blogging purposes, I just love taking photos of things and experiences. I remember that I took this photo when we went to Baler. My phone was just 4 days old at that time and I was really lucky that I was able to bring it on that trip.

Here's one more epic shot. I was also shocked that it was able to take photos of the clouds during that time. And it was really clear despite being nighttime. I'm somewhere in that photo you just have to guess hahaha. If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading about the story of my phone.


I would like to invite @atongis, @el-dee-are-es, @benedict08, @mafm29 and @jephjepherson to join this.

Thanks for reading and Stay safe always!

The photos used in this post are owned by me and my brother




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