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#Club5050 | The Diary Game 3/28/2022 My Typical Sunday

Good day, guys!

I know I haven't been posting lately because I was really busy but I found time to post again.

Here's how my day started. I woke up at an earlier time because it was a Sunday. On Sunday I have to leave the house earlier than usual to walk to the bus stop before bus stop that I usually go to. I do that because getting inside the bus would be a lot easier, and there's a higher chance of securing a seat. I then got ready and walked to the bus stop. It was a bit hot so I used an umbrella going there.

I was just listening to my phone and waiting for the bus to come. I had to wait for around 10 minutes before it came. When it came, I was kinda scared because the bus was kinda full, so what I did was go to the back of the bus where the seats are. I stayed at the right position because there was someone leaving the bus at the next stop so I got the seat.

As soon as we reached the stop where I usually ride my bus during the regular days, there was a flood of people going inside. The passengers in front of me were even telling the people to stay inside the red line so that the doors would close. I really don't like the commute during Sundays because the bus is really crowded and it has a lot of stops. On the other days, there's a feeder bus that brings you straight to the metro saving travel time. But those buses are not available on Sundays.

I reached the metro station and I immediately went inside the train so I could go to the next stop. I went to the stop and I was just waiting for the bus to come. I'm lucky that there were no delays today and I was able to come into work on time.


My first patient was late, he has been late for the past 2 sessions. But it was nice talking to him again and treating him. After that patient 2 of my patients canceled on me. So I was just helping our doctor and doing my notes.

My 2nd patient came and I also haven't seen her for around 2 weeks. It was nice catching up with her because of her mindset of how she wants to live life. I was patiently waiting for my next patient which was supposed to be at 1 pm but he came in late for 15 minutes. I just treated him, it was my first time handling him but everything was good. I then ate lunch.

After lunch, I was just waiting, my 3 o clock patient didn't show up also but I helped the doctor treat one of his patients. It was his first time getting treated and he has a lot of pain in his body. He admitted to me that it's because of his travels by car every day.

My next patient was my oldest patient, she had problems with her shoulder. I think it's because of overwork. The sad thing is that she is dependent on painkillers. I hope that she'll change her mindset and get well soon.

After treating her, I had to treat another shoulder patient but I haven't seen him for around 3 weeks already. He said to me that he has been super busy that he sleeps at 1 am already because of work. I felt so bad for him, though he may be young, if we abuse our bodies, we will really pay the price in the future.

My next patient canceled on me, and I had to treat my last patient. He's a new patient and one of my patients referred him to me. After that, I had to do Aftercare with the equipment and left. After leaving took a bus to go to the bus station and I ate dinner there. From that bus station went to the bus that goes home. Before entering the house, I went out for a walk just to relax my mind. When I got home, I just used my laptop. I hope that you guys had a great day!


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