Valentine's Day: prepare a 100% aphrodisiac menu

Some very common foods have a reputation for making intimate moments sour. From mustard to ginseng to chocolate and oysters, the list of foods with virtues that can honor the goddess of love and seduction is quite long! What if you went to the kitchen to raise the temperature?


And if this evening, to seduce your Valentine or your Valentine, you launched yourself into the preparation of a slightly hotter menu? You have a few hours left to do your shopping and spice up your dishes.

Gender: ginseng or ginger?
Aphrodisiacs, in the first place, have the power to excite our taste buds, possibly to act on the production of sex hormones, and also perhaps to lift some of our inhibitions ... Hence to say that they allow to improve sexual performance, nobody would dare to say it. Love is too capricious and complicated to respond to a simple potion, as magical as it is!

However, if we traditionally lend aphrodisiac virtues to certain foods, it is not pure chance.

Ginseng . The success of this root which has more than three thousand years of existence may be due to its evocative form, explains Dr. Borys, sexologist. But it undeniably helps to fight against fatigue, hence its interest in energy drinks. It is not impossible that it really makes men more ardent! "Anyway, it allows you to stay awake longer ...

Ginger . It has vasodilating properties thanks to the gingerone it contains. "A vasodilator causes dilation of blood vessels in the body. By extension, it could allow an influx of blood into the penis and clitoris ... Which, obviously , provides some excitement!

And the yohimbé? Coming from Gabon, this plant is mainly used in pharmacopoeia as a vasodilator, to treat certain heart diseases. Like any drug, it even benefits from a marketing authorization (marketing authorization).

Sex: celery and oats as starter
Sometimes it is enough to choose the right food to easily create a most promising menu.

As a starter, you can opt for a few ingredients that stimulate desire. For example, depending on your budget, a salad with truffles or a cream of celery. Already in 1825, Brillat-Savarin noted that "truffles make women more tender and men more enterprising". In fact, the truffle would promote the production of testosterone, a sex hormone that could attract the beautiful ...

An explanation also valid for oats and celery . Even if it remains less poetic than the formulation of Mme de Sévigné: "If the woman knew what celery does to the man, she would go and get it from Paris to Rome."

Efficient or not, celery is anyway rich in trace elements and oats in group B vitamins. grass of happiness ". Or spice up the cooking of your vegetables with a few cloves , a true love potion that would have even attracted Tristan to Yseult's bed!

Gender: plan seafood
With the senses now awake, it's time to go to the main course to wake up your libido .

It is one of the roles of neurotransmitters. These substances released by nerve cells are said to exert an action on the complex alchemy of desire. Among these substances is choline. It is also found in green vegetables, brewer's yeast, egg yolk, and wheat germ.

To vary the pleasures, Dr. Borys also advises phenyl. It is present in all the vitamins of group B, that is to say cereals, brewer's yeast without forgetting ... chocolate .

Are you more seafood? This is another good idea as they are rich in iodine and zinc. These trace elements, stimulating at will, make oysters and crustaceans, like lobster or crayfish, suitable for excellent evenings.

Gender: spices to spice up
Want to speed up the pace of dinner? Think of the vasodilators that we find in our kitchen and which will facilitate the passage to the act! It's time to add some classic spices and condiments to the dishes.

The spices will spice up the meal. You can without hesitation opt for the most famous: cinnamon, rosemary, verbena, mustard ... Because they contain arginine, they could act on the sex of the man and that of the woman.

Arginine is found in rice, nuts and, for dessert lovers, chocolate, apricots and peaches! Another vasodilator, niacin (vitamin B3) is very present in all cereals.

As for the greediest, they will not hesitate to take their cue from the ancient Greeks who loved royal jelly . Besides, they did not hesitate to be stung by a bee specially trained for this purpose!

And because it would be a shame to spoil a rather well started dinner, have a light hand on fatty substances in general (they weigh down the stomach) and alcohol (it interferes with vitamin B and can cause some breakdowns). .. Finally, note that, in humans, tobacco does not encourage lovemaking.

Gender: naughty sauce and wine
A naughty sauce recipe
For lovers in a hurry, a very quick sauce with which we brush the chops or the pork shoulder before baking them.

Ingredients :

1/2 tsp. mustard
1 tsp. apricot jam
1/2 cup plain yogurt
1 small glass of vodka
Mix the mustard and yogurt. Add the apricot jam and vodka. Stir well. Generously brush the meat with this sauce, then put in the oven.

A recipe for aphrodisiac wine
Macerate for 15 days:

1 l Malaga wine
30 g crushed ginseng root
30 g vanilla pods
30 g sliced ​​rhubarb
30 g grated cinnamon
Brew the mixture daily. Filter. Taste!

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