What does the date of birth of a child say?

Each parent wishes a better life for their child. Makes plans for his future. Trying to guess what lies ahead. What will he become.

There are various ways that help determine the nature and fate of a child. One of them is astrology and numerology.

Character of a child by date of birth
Did you pay attention to how similar people are who are united by one or another zodiac sign? Astrology will allow you to understand how strongly the influence of the date of birth on the character of the child. And what should be paid attention to when educating him.

Aries Children (March 21 - April 20) - active, proactive, courageous, independent. They are leaders by nature. Parents should remember this. “Do not break” is a quality in a child. Otherwise, instead of a strong-willed person, you risk getting an embittered and cruel creature in the future. After all, Aries can also be quick-tempered, arrogant, conceited, aggressively perceiving criticism.

Little Aries are impatient. This may affect their studies and success in their favorite field. The task of parents is not to “press” for failures, but to inspire confidence in their own strengths.

Taurus children (April 21 - May 21) are hardy, kind, sympathetic, compassionate. Therefore, all stray cats and dogs may periodically appear in your home. Little Taurus are big stubborn. In dealing with them, it is important to exercise tactics and patience, explaining how to do the right thing and why.

Do not forget about the tendency of the representatives of this sign to greed, secrecy and rancor. It is important to “reformat” the child in time, using all his wisdom, patience and love.

Twin Children (May 22 - June 21) - inquisitive, curious, impatient. Movement and freedom are their element. They are constant "pochumuchki" and fidgets. They like to start several things at once. But, as a rule, they are thrown halfway. It is important - to teach the little Gemini to bring the work begun to a successful result.

And value his trust in you. Otherwise, you will have to reap the "bitter fruits" already in adolescence. Instead of a sincere, objectively thinking person, you may encounter a frivolous, two-faced, weak-minded being.

Cancer Children (June 22 - July 22) are very “fragile” creatures: they often cry and resent. They easily become depressed. But it is also easy to get out of this state if loving and caring people are nearby. However, a lack of understanding can harden the character of the child Cancer.

Little Crayfish are big dreamers and dreamers. They can even a little lie for the "red words". They have a very developed imagination, a sense of responsibility. Have a good memory.

Children-Lions (July 23 - August 21) are divided into two types. One is a cheerful, responsive, charming child who is kindly received by universal attention and love. The second is uncertain and “closed,” because of the constant pressure experienced by dictatorial parents. And this uncertainty can subsequently “pull out” the negative traits of the character of this sign - power, selfishness, boastfulness, tactlessness.

Virgo children (August 22 - September 23) have a fairly calm, assiduous character. At the same time they love outdoor games. They are intellectuals, therefore they begin to read early. They are characterized by analytical thinking, attentiveness and accuracy.

Negative traits of character - suspiciousness, criticality, meticulousness.

Libra Children (September 24 - October 23) are very talented. But they must be “led” to success, because they are devoid of ambition.

They are very sociable, patient, resourceful, resourceful and disciplined. Therefore, in the upbringing of small Libra, one needs to give preference to calm explanations rather than punishment. Otherwise, you may get an indecisive, spineless, non-self-sufficient undergrowth.

Scorpio children (October 24 - November 22) - a kind of "energy jaisers." Therefore, it is very important to direct their energy flowing in a fountain in the right direction. For example, in sports. Here, their inherent determination, efficiency and determination will help to achieve significant success.

Little Scorpions are independent. Do not try to “break” them. But you should not indulge their willfulness either. Otherwise, the love of power, cruelty, and inconsistency characteristic of this sign will take up over the positive principle.

Sagittarius Children (November 23 - December 22) - are sociable, generous, friendly. Active and ambitious. So much so that they love to teach others "mind-wisdom." The task of parents is to teach them to respect the opinions of others.

This will help to avoid the development of the negative features of Sagittarius: categoricalness, intolerance towards others, lack of a sense of proportion.

Children-Capricorns (December 20 - January 20) - little "old men" and "old women". They are serious over the years, restrained in the manifestation of their feelings, incredulous and touchy.

Therefore, it is important to teach them to enjoy life and to be able to forgive insults. Otherwise, in the future you can deal with authoritarian, selfish, cold-blooded heirs.

Children Aquarius (January 21 - February 19) are big stubborn people who like to do everything in their own way. Not like everyone else. This behavior is explained by their eccentricity. And parents should not make a problem out of this.

It is more important to pay attention to other qualities - the talkativeness and excessive categorization inherent in this sign.

Children Pisces (February 20 - March 20) - affectionate, kind, caring little men. They are creative natures. They love to draw, sing, dance, craft all kinds of crafts.

Therefore, it is important to make out their talents in time. And also not to let yourself go. Otherwise, small "fish", by virtue of their sign, can become indecisive, suspicious, and even - false.

The fate of the child by date of birth
To open the veil of the future will help the date of birth of the child and numerology. After all, the fate of each person has its own numerical code - the Number of Fate. To find out the effect of the date of birth on the fate of the child, calculate this Number.

To do this, write in order the day, month and year of birth of the child. Add up these numbers. Then the numbers of the resulting number. And so on until a single digit from 1 to 9 comes out.

For example, a baby was born on May 25, 2011. Summarize: 2 + 5 + 2 + 1 + 1 = 11. Next: 1 + 1 = 2. That is, the Number of Destiny will be the number 2.

What numbers mean - numerology will tell.

  1. Huge energy, pep, courage, determination. These features will help to achieve significant heights in life. A striking example is the famous American car owner Henry Ford.

    Your child can become a talented leader, a successful entrepreneur, a famous athlete. If he chooses a passive lifestyle, then very soon he will be disappointed.

  2. Versatile personalities. They used to bring everything to the end. Believe in yourself. In your own strength. And if you don’t start spraying into a lot of activities, you will achieve success in the main business of your life. Under this number, the famous French fashion designer Coco Chanel was born.
  3. Creative personalities. They have every chance of becoming successful artists, composers, dancers, actors. An example is the popular Chinese actor, director, stuntman Jackie Chan.

    1. The main thing is to believe in your destiny. Work on yourself. And do not give in to difficulties.

    1. Hard work, punctuality, accuracy, meticulousness. Such people can be excellent managers of any company, economists, lawyers, psychologists. The famous Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud is proof of this.

        1. Freedom-loving, progressive number. The number of reformers, educated people, initiators of changes in society. They are able to lead. Because they themselves sacredly believe in their lofty goals. That was the famous American politician, one of the leaders of the US War of Independence Benjamin Franklin.
        2. Humanists inherently. They can be reputable doctors, veterinarians, psychoanalysts. Under this number was born the famous psychoanalyst, the author of the theory of psychosocial personality development Eric Erickson.
        These people know exactly how to help their neighbor. Fate will give them happiness if they remain true to themselves.

        1. Seven - the patroness of enlightenment: scientists, researchers, missionaries, spiritual mentors. People who have great intuition, an analytical mindset. A striking example of this is the English theoretical physicist, world-renowned scientist Stephen Hawking.

        The owners of this sign are able to change the world for the better. They own great discoveries that benefit humanity. If your child chooses this path, fate will be favorable to him.

        1. The symbol of this number is success. Your child can become an influential, famous, wealthy person. Realize yourself in any field. As did the popular Ukrainian TV presenter, producer and showman Igor Kondratyuk, a physicist by training.

        The main thing for the G8 is not to be lazy. Do not lose optimism. Do not stop there.

      1. Holders of this number are endowed with unique thinking. That it allows you to make the right and custom decisions. What is the key to success in any field - creativity, sports, science, business. Under this number was born the famous American entrepreneur, the first official dollar billionaire in human history, philanthropist John Rockefeller.

        The originality of thinking “nine” sometimes causes confusion among others. What should not be paid any attention.

        And finally: astrology and numerology are entertaining, interesting and give answers to many questions. But it should also be remembered that the example of parents plays a direct role in the formation of personality. And in achieving the child’s life goals - his great desire to work.

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