Top 12 Creative Restaurant Marketing Strategies

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Here are some of the restaurant marketing strategies that will help to build an effective marketing plan for your restaurants which will build a brand identity, magnify your reach, create brand awareness, drive more users, and gain huge audience attention. A strong digital marketing strategy for your restaurant will have a higher chance of getting success. Well, let us see the marketing plan one by one.

Build a functional website

Having a professional website for your restaurant strong your online presence. This will help to find your restaurant easily by new and existing customers. And have a lot of opportunities to change the visitors into a potential customer by optimizing the landing page properly.

Here is the step by step guide for landing page optimization

One more important thing is that the website must be in a mobile responsive manner because most of them are making a food order via smartphones. Your website must be fit in all mobile devices. So, Hire a professional website designer and make a stunning restaurant website that is going to act as the digital door for your restaurant business.

Get listed on Google My Business:

List your business details in Google My Business listing which helps users to find your revenue and reach you easily. It is very important to list your business here because it will help the local audience to reach your restaurant shortly.

The positive star ratings and reviews on Google My Business listing will create a positive brand perception for your restaurant and have the chance to drive them towards your restaurants.

Get listed on Yelp:

Yelp is one of the best business directories for restaurants, entertainment, shopping and more and it is a crowdsourced review forum where people frequently use this share their opinion. First, let you list your business information on yelp and ask the customers to provide their feedback here. Having more positive reviews on Yelp can do wonder your restaurant business. Fill the exact details of your business clearly on Yelp.

Keep in mind that don’t ignore the negative feedback from your customer and respond to the reviews either negative or positive immediately. For negative reviews, take a deep breath and respond to them positively. These things expose you like that how you’re valuing customers.


SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization which is the process of optimizing your website as SEO-friendly to place your website at the #1 place when the audience searched your business relevant keywords. It is purely organic and the outcome results stay for long-term.

The SEO process involves on-page and off-page optimization which takes some time to deliver the expected results. It helps to drive more customers towards your digital door. It is not a quick easy job to place your website at the top position, need to put full-effort to attain it.

Better hire a professional SEO agency to work on your website. They’ll entirely take care of your business website ranking.

Social media marketing:

Without using social mediums, our day is not complete. Trillions and more people are using social channels daily. It is the best place to promote your restaurant which drives customers towards your restaurants.

Build a business profile in top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and more. And start engaging with people by posting visual treat food and your restaurant images continually.

Promote your festival offers, discounts and exclusive coupons on various social mediums will gain audience attention. Creating a business page is an easy job but engaging with the audience instantly on social mediums will build a better reputation for your restaurant business.

Also, check out the social media marketing services to empower your business to the next level.

Email Newsletter:

Many of them are thinking like that email was dead. But it was not whatever happens people are likely to open up their mail first. Still, it’s alive and used as a big source for business people.

Let us get into the matter, Start sending your special coupons and exclusive offers to the customers bring back towards your digital door. And offers a special discount for your newsletter signup. Surely, These things will help you to bring back your existing customer and referral customers.

SMS marketing:

Sending an SMS with promo code and special offers will surely have a high chance of opening rate and increase website visibility. Take into an account, Don’t disappoint the customer with long-descriptive content and so many promotional SMS.

Nowadays people are getting so many messages with promotional content. Without opening they just ignore it. So, send a message with short, clear, eye-catching content and a call-to-action at last to the audience.

Mobile app marketing:

Having an app for your restaurant that is an additional benefit for your restaurant business. There are so many restaurant mobile apps are available in the mobile app marketplace.

If you want to get your mobile app at #1 on search result then you have to concentrate on mobile app marketing services. Or else just advertise your restaurant website at in-app ads. This will surely increase the website traffic and drive sales for your business.

Geo-Targeted Facebook and Google Ads:

Wanna customers instantly then make use of paid advertisements like Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Quora ads. Here, you can focus your advertisement on the targeted audience and region.

Google paid ads will showcase your business website at the top position. For each click, the amount will be taken from your account. It is a pay per click advertising services but it brings more customers towards your restaurant website. When compared to SEO services it takes no time to list your website on search engines.

Facebook and other social media paid ads will bring more benefits to your restaurant business. Monitoring your campaign daily and change your strategy based on the flow and make use of it effectively.

Online listings and review sites:

Start submitting your business information on various business listing and reviews website regarding your business category. This will help to rank your business website, build a reputation for your business and people get to know easily.

Ask the customer to submit the reviews and give a rating on top review sites. The important thing is that you don’t force them to do it. It sometimes backfires you.

Promote User-generated content:

User-generated content is one of the effective ways to develop engagement with users. Conduct a contest by asking the customers to post their photos with favorite food and share that on your website and social mediums.

Randomly select the luck contestants and offer the best price. By doing this, will create a positive impression on your business brand.

Go Live from your kitchen:

Youtube is one of the biggest channels in the online medium which has trillions and more people are using it. It is one of the biggest platforms to reach the target audience by promoting your restaurant business in video format.

Make a wonderful video with taste recipe preparation and post that on your youtube channel. This will grab audience attention, increase likes, shares, and subscribers for your channel. Post a live video of making a recipe from your kitchen will gain massive response from the audience. So, start to make a live video..!!

Final Note:

Wanna any assistance to make your restaurant popular in local or across the globe? If yes then hire SEOWarriors experts without any hesitation. We are glad to assist you in the best way.

Feel free to ask digital marketing related queries to promote your restaurant business.

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