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No matter how much i say first and first
If I am alone without anyone in this wide world
What is the point?

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It doesn't matter how talented you are
If you don't know
it's like a lonely person spends meaningless time

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It doesn't matter how much love I have inside of me
If there's nothing to share
Wandering in the air cannot be proven
It's just an anonymous echo.

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If there was no one other than me in this world
The various noises we felt were vanishing
It will turn into longing, not gloom
The meaning of life will also be lost.

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Being alone is a view
that you can do everything at will
Even if it gives you a sweet taste
When the sweet opens indiscriminately
On the contrary, it may give you indelible loneliness.

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The pain we feel here on earth
maybe this time, terrible longing
I don't know if it's because I don't feel it

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Also, our great happiness
Being together
It is something you can feel and enjoy.

Happiness that can be enjoyed by humans

it comes from being together.

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Sometimes I'm not always happy
Meet each other and they form groups
When groups form communities
When you share your heart in it
Only then started recovery.


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