Defense for Leadership

People Matters

Amidst the hot, thick smoke, he smelled his scent. At this moment, the light penetrating the sweet fragrance tickled the ears. It's the knife. Sometimes light, sometimes dull, and sometimes sharp, it is the knife that crosses the eardrum and goes through the mind. The importance of these knives cannot be overlooked for producing the best food in a crazy kitchen.

In the case of knives for meat meals, there is a characteristic light taste. Even if you are boiling a stew, you need to chop the leeks and chop the green squash and onions. So the knife for meat food is not too heavy or too sharp.
In the case of knives for lunch, there is a characteristic boredom. Meat or fish is often chopped up, so it should be medium weight, and the garlic should be crushed with a knife.
On the other hand, in the case of knives for Japanese food, there is a distinctive sharpness. Because, to cook raw fish, you must have the ability to pierce and cut it.

Accordingly, knives vary according to the characteristics of the ingredients or dish. Well, maybe it's just a sword, and the same goes for the leaders near us. Every day, no leader sits as far away from the sales department as the battlefield and pulls out only grand strategy. However, it was a different story if it was the strategy department or the support department. In such a place, a leader who deals only with detailed tactics may be too much. Until now, I had a lot of worries about the sword and the leader from above. However, since it's so rare to get a cut from the bottom, a world has arrived that there's no denying that you don't really need it, so let's start now, with the name Leadership Survey.

There are many ways, but we've divided them into four main categories. First, what the (Work) bar looks like. As previously mentioned, depending on the blade, you can use it for meat meals, lunch, work in the strategy department, or work in the sales department. The second is what the (People) handle looks like. Just as the way you hold the handle changes according to the shape of the handle and the cook's posture changes, the results can be very different depending on how you communicate with the world. Third, how to sharpen knives (Talent Management). Depending on how you sharpen your knife, the sharpness and life of the knife will also differ. It's like how a leader treats people like limbs. Lastly is the corruption of the sword (Ethics). It is very important to check if the joint of the handle is cracked or if the tooth of the blade is severely cut and unusable. The same is true for leaders. No matter how good they are, if they are unethical, they lose the value of existence.

It is human instinct to want to eat good food. Our passion is to work with great leaders. By all means, I sincerely hope that a simple questionnaire called the Leadership Survey can be a starting point for enriching our lives.

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