A little promotional video created by me for #musicforsteem.


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Looks great! Is there a typo in 'We wand you' at 0:27 or was it intentionally?

13.06.2020 09:42

@steemchiller nothing escapes your keen eye :-). Yes, there should actually be a T. I corrected it and swapped the video. Many thanks!

13.06.2020 09:51

Maybe I found another one... ^^
'Be are part and join in' at 0:30.

13.06.2020 10:01

Please let everything be right now. 🙏

13.06.2020 10:22

Yes, now it's 'witness-approved' to reach the masses. You don't want to know how many times I read my own posts before publishing them. Perfection always comes with a price, which is time, but it also comes with inbuilt quality management, which leads to great success in the long term.

13.06.2020 10:48

I'm too quick for myself. I can't do anything slowly and I overlook a lot. Later I see the mistakes. A thunderstorm of neurons is playing in my head. That's why they wired me up in the clinic. Result: my brain is hyperactive. Even when I meditate, my brain never comes to rest. However, this is not a disease, but a rare peculiarity of some brains. TY!

13.06.2020 11:21

Great finds and thanks! I hope you like Music For Steem too!

13.06.2020 10:31

Hi @seo-boss, nice to see you have found a challenge to exploit your talent. This one is also very nice! (See chillers last comment to fix that 1 typo too)

The music in the background was also without copyright? Might want to add a link to the tune or where did you find your royalty-free music?

Is it also possible to make things for Instagram? A short story clip in the size of Instagram feed. I think those are either square or in leaderboard format. (In the challenge post I made is a link to a post with sizes for social media)

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We hope you like live music too because #musicforsteem

13.06.2020 10:30

@steemcurator02 I corrected the typos and renewed the video. The music is copyright free of curse. I that the right size and aspect ratio for Insta you want?


13.06.2020 10:56


13.06.2020 12:24

@steemcurator02 @steemingcurators
In terms of ratio, this GIF should fit for Insta exactly. Steemit automatically shrinks it, so check the direct URL. I only used 2 frames for this GIF so the file size doesn't get too big.

Direct URL

If you don't like the gif here the same picture as static JPEG with full resolution for Insta 1080 * 1920.

13.06.2020 15:08

Awesome thanks! Danke :)

14.06.2020 00:04

Resteemed :-)

13.06.2020 11:30


13.06.2020 13:06

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