Understanding how the idea of time is but an illusion...


Tic Toc, Tic Toc, Oh dear! Ho dear! I shall be late!


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Wow... where to begin? This thing is just some giant, never ending rabbit hole.

I heard a talk the other day which I cannot remember, though I'm sure it was on a podcast and probably one with Daniel Vitalis interviewing a physicist!!! While listening to the conversation, something clicked and all the sudden I felt like I could, a tiny little bit, very lightly begin to unserstand, for the first time, how time is nothing but an illusion.

Again, I must repeat that I am only slightly able to skim the surface of this concept. The way I see it has something to do with change. Everything in this entire universe needs change to survive. It seems to be all about movement, as things evolve towards their next place in space. When that change or movement stops, it seizes to exist.

Anyway... I see it as something along those lines. Weird stuff I know! I needed ro express that as to not forget it...

I guess it's food for thought... have fun with that 😁!



Path to victory is not about the hard way or the easy way. It is about taking the first step, and thereafter, how fast the next step can be placed ahead.

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I read a book, “A course in Miracles" which says the same thing. Time is an illusion and the only moment that matters is now. However, man is constantly caught up in thinking about the past and the future, both of which do not matter or man has least control upon.. So I get your point. But weird for sure..

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29.10.2019 00:10

Yeah strange right. It's true we're completely caught up in something ww have no control of...!

Thanks for reading

29.10.2019 08:39

😊 😊

29.10.2019 12:49

Back when physics and math were my life, I would dream in n dimensions, I could sometimes understand this too. It was always a memorable trip. I hope you go there often!

30.10.2019 01:30

Yes thanks! I've been there a few times but this was the first time I could kind of explain it bedire forgetting it!

30.10.2019 20:31