The Land of Dreams ◇ A Neo-Tribal Village in the Making


Eco-conciousness should be a byproduct of the way we live!


Why neo-tribal? It is time to reverse the symptoms caused by our domesticated lifeway, our indigenous self has been degenerating for far too long.

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Like I've mentioned in some posts before, I always felt our civilized world wasn't our natural lifeway. I thought we could be much more than the animal that believes itself to be the only apex predator, living without respect for its habitat and imposing laws on one another, only a few elected elites agreed upon.

I watched with curiosity, the world around me and could never understand how we had become a society that cannot see (or even imagine) a way out of this domesticated life... in other words why can't we break out of our enslavement?


There's a bit more to read on that subject in a past week's post, *Is it time to Re-wild ourselves yet?*

I never came up with a solution but after traveling the world, my involvement with an intentional community (which sadly never put that first shovel in the ground) and having always lived in some sort of co-habitation, my ideologies evolved and sparked a vision for freedom.

The dream that started as a nomadic band of artists, healers and students in eco-consciousness has planted its roots in somewhat of a different adventure... we needed a homebase, a place to call home. How could we teach permaculture if we couldn't fully practice what we preached?

I can see now, with the help of @eco-alex's ecoVillage project that I needed to give you all an updated and improved post on the community we're building.

This here is a sample from a _pdf_ file we're working on to hand out to those who would be interested in joining us:


The Dream

* A self-reliant neo-tribal village of about twenty people with their families, based
on direct democratic, voluntary and gifting economy practices.
* Sustainable homes built mostly with natural and up-cycled meterials, on 19 acres of wild forest, two hours north of New York City. (The land has already been acquired, therefore isn't burdensome).
* A community, a maker-space, a
gathering of minds, a home.


Mugwort grows everywhere up here!


> **Co-create a vision for re-wilding,
learning to be fully functional and
thriving in a more “natural human
habitat” while integrating aspects
of our modern way of life.**



To live in a community setting modeled after many ancient tribal villages, where individuals are responsible for their actions while helping each other reach self-reliance
and self-sustainability.



Community living feels like a more natural way to live, it also makes life easier and happier for everyone involved. Our mission is to re-learn how to live in a tribal setting and to be
prepared for any economic turmoil if one were to arise. The intention is to attain food sovereignty and live in abundance through permaculture, wildcrafting, natural medicine, art, and happiness. (This is where eco-conciousness becomes a byproduct of the way we live.)



To become an educational center for self-reliance, sustainability, permaculture, and the practice of becoming a natural human in today’s society.



Now that you know what we're up to here's a little piece about the land we're calling home:

The Land of Dreams


19 acres of wilderness, located in the Mid Hudson Valley of New York State, bordering the Esopus Creek. The land is largely forested with hills, valleys, cliffs, a large meadow to create a food forest, and a humble pond dubbed “the swamp of no return” by the youngest human living in the community. Only a ten minute drive from town, we remain secluded in what we considere a nature sanctuary, as wild turkey, deer, coyotes and many other creatures are often spotted around the property, including two giant turtles, a bear and a bald eagle, which were all speacial treats to see!






There was always this idea floating in my head about the silliness of _owning_ land. How can we really call ourselves proprietors of the trees and everything within a forest, or any piece of land on this earth?

It never made sense, but I guess other animals fight for their right to hunt all the time... peoples of past also kept certain territorial bounderies, but holding the title of a specific parcel of land seems a bit too far removed from our wild ancestors' lifeways.

Unfortunately, we need to abide to modern land ownership to properly manage the land we want to live on. We have purchased the 19 acre parcel and plan on having the community share the costs of operations only, not the cost of the land. Legally, we're looking at something called _land lease_ where the community can act as the owner for a period of 99 years (renewable and transferable as per community agreement). We aren't lawyers in any sense of the word and will be looking for legal advice on the subject, so if you happen to know someone who _specializes in community building_, please let us know.



Be sure to fit in fun no matter what.

(If you want your quote featured here, lookout for the next contest!)


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If you want to know what really is inside this *Coconut*.

And don't forget… Dreams Come True!

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Sounds like an awesome project and something that I would gladly take part in. I wish you the best and may many new tribes populate this Earth following the wisdom of the ancients.

19.11.2019 23:29

Ah thank you for that comment, it made me smile. Have you seen the project coming up in Portugal too? Have a look at @eco-alex's page for that ecoVillage in the making.

19.11.2019 23:54

I have! Seems great as well! Hope to find the proper spot to partake in something similar myself :)

20.11.2019 00:35

Where there's a will, you'll find it!

20.11.2019 11:45

The call of the earth is finding ready ears. The ancestral way of life returns and the wheel of life is leading to the beginnings, sharing purer and simpler with nature. The dream is becoming a beautiful reality. Congratulations @senorcoconut, for your ongoing project in the United States and also @eco-alex for the EcoVillage in Portugal.
"Dreams come true!"

20.11.2019 00:37

Thank you so much @zeleiracordero, I dream of this way of life returning to us tho with a modern twist... our society isn't made up of all things negative. Yes dreams do come true

20.11.2019 02:07

Next time use #naturalmedicine too! Get it out on multiple platforms :)

Can 19 acres provide for 20 people? Speaking mostly from a food perspective, but I wonder about shelter too.

20.11.2019 03:27

hmmm good point. I never quite thought about foraging for 20 people on that acerage. I feel it's still quite large for people's homes, growing loads of food and perhaps have a few animals. Lots of people small operation...?

Thanks for the reblog and the thought

20.11.2019 03:34

Not trying to discourage, just to contribute to the brainstorm. How many people and animals a plot can sustain is all a matter of soil.

You're inspiring me a bit. Lately I've been wanting to rent out our apartment in an attempt to decrease our living expenses. It'd be neat to have a like-minded tennant that'd do some planting and tending. Wheels are turning. This'll take some thought :)

20.11.2019 04:38

No worries Nate, I didn't take ypur comment as discouragement, I k ow you're just adding to the conversation and it is an important one.

Do ypu habe space to make a loving area for a roomate type? It helps a lot having somepne sharing the cost for sure

20.11.2019 11:56

i think it is totally doable,, when done properly.. you can grow a HUge amount of food in a small space using permaculture and other techniques such as vertical gardening.. a house doesnt take even half of an acre so that is a lot of land per person to work with..

20.11.2019 07:24

Thanks Alex, yes I think you're right... I remember Catalyst Community I was with we were going for a 70 acre farm and wantes to be 80 people... all the numbers had been worked out.

20.11.2019 10:52

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20.11.2019 04:20

Thank you so much!!!

20.11.2019 12:51

Beautiful vision and I really enjoyed seeing the photos of your place - so much potential!
I do hope your tribe arrives soon and you vision can manifest even more!
Thanks for sharing and I will be following for any updates! Lovely project for a lovely way of life!

20.11.2019 04:41

Thank you so very much Porters, it means a lot to hear you say that. I have been nlessed in ways of being able to manifest most of my dream... but I do hope as well that I will find a tribe too.

20.11.2019 12:56

it looks like a beautiful spot , so rich with biodiversity..I dont know much about lease laws in USA, but that is something to understand properly.. last thing you want is someone taking it all after you've put your life into it..

i hope the right people come soon to help you manifest this dream.. maybe you will meet them through helping and being involved with our project.. thats how i have seen it work in the past..

much love! xx

20.11.2019 07:22

Funny you say thay about finding people in Portugal. I was talking with my wife, just the other day about how we need ro get more involved in helping the communities around us, for fun, for learning and for the simple fact that we should as a law of attraction sort of thing.

Yeah crazy biodiversity on the property!!! It is quite lovely.

We need to find a professional in the field of setting up a the right outfit for legal reasons. We will be protected, but good point, we have to look at all angles!


20.11.2019 12:44

Oh I have been watching the dream of yours for so long now that I can FEEL every heart beat of intention THUMP happily across the page. You should promote this to send it to trending in Steempeak. Appropriate that mugwort, queen of dreams and visions, habitates your magic land!!!

Posted using Partiko Android

20.11.2019 19:13

Haha I was hoping someone would pick up on the queen of dreams. Isn't that fitting?

So to promote this... what do I do? Is it the same as using bots say sending some steem over to tipu or sonething like that? Who do you like best?

Thanks for your kind words... it's very true you have seen my dream evolve 😁.

21.11.2019 00:46

In Steempeak when you publish now there is little rocket. Click on that.

Otherwise you can send token to @null on front end of choice with the post link in title.

DM if unsure.

Xxx Mugwort love!

21.11.2019 00:51

Wow!! Way to go all of you, so glad you all banded together and successfully built your own community.

22.11.2019 16:29

baby steps... it's taking a while and for now it really is just the three of us, it will grow organically!


26.11.2019 23:53

All the best for the project. Hope more people think like you.

23.11.2019 11:50

Thank you so much. It seens like there are lots of communities popping up around the world. That's refreshing to know.

26.11.2019 23:49

I love the land that you have it is so green and lush and your vision is spot on in my eyes, as I have said before if I lived closer I would be very interested. I will definitely support you in any way I can over here. Will happily let folk know what you are doing, there are lots of travellers passing through here as you know xxxxxx

23.11.2019 17:18

Yes please do, I know there are the occasional north american passing through... though anyone is welcome!

I wish we did live closer too. Thanks for you praises and encouragements. Be well

26.11.2019 23:51

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Thank you @c-squared

26.11.2019 23:47