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Eldeberries drying... I will collect the seeds for next year's propagation.

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Since I've started this journey into the world of wild food and natural medicine, Elderberry has been a plant I've wanted to know better.

In a recent post about how much poison is present in our food chain (, I published this photo:


It was taken right near my father's new place in Burgundy. I am back help again with what seems to be a never ending move and I decided to harvest some of these elderberry seeds to plant back home for medicine, wine and other delicious goodies!

Here is the same plant... looks like I got there just in time, a few more days and all the fruits would have fallen with their seeds in the ditch bellow!


I collected a handfull of seeds and I hope it'll work next year when I try to make them grow back home. Eldeberry syrop, being as expensive as it is in the shops, I will learn how to make it. This is a preventive medicine that always impressed me and it usually is very tasty. This winter luckily I have some that my sister nade.

It funny how my whole family has converged into this world of health and nutrition. We always ate pretty balanced meals with my mother having grown up in France, it was kind of natural to eat whole foods, but now we're all into it. There's my brother who is massage therapist, studies eastern medicine and composes music, one of my sister is into mushroom medicine and spagyric tincture wich seems to be the next evolution in plant medicine, both my sisters and my mom have been studying nutrition, my step father is like a tai chi master and I have been dabbling in all that with the idea of re-wilding, eating more whole food and natural movement.

The next thing that makes sense would be to grow food and medicines for us all to do the things we love to do these days!



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If you want to know what really is inside this *Coconut*.

And don't forget… Dreams Come True!

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01.11.2019 09:02

Thank you for the support! You're awesome 😁.

01.11.2019 18:59

I love elderberries, but even more so the elder flowers. Fried in batter, or used to make water kefir are only two of the delicious applications of this delicious plant. But since you're talking about saving seeds and propagating them, I should probably not focus on the flowers, before the seeds germinate, hehehe.

01.11.2019 13:37

Haha, I was just thinking about the seeds when you mentioned the flowers. Once we have elderberries everywhere growing wild, I'll have to try the flowers too 😁.

I need to find some kefir culture when I get home, thanks for the reminder.

01.11.2019 18:54

Totally loving the elderberries and the long term thinking of collecting seeds for medicines and family care in the coming years. It matters. The care we give Mother Earth when WE have to eat, harvest and love with the consequences is so very different. Elderberry syrup - YUMMMMM!!!!

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01.11.2019 14:09

Thanks, I noticed this thing about my family this year... I mean we've been eating healthy for as long as I can remember and talking about what is good and what isn't but this was a new kind of deep learning, each on pur own accounts!

Save the seeds!!!

01.11.2019 18:58

Elderberry is amazing! Probably one of the best immune boosters on the planet. When I pair it up with Echinacea, I can knock out just about any cold or flu symptoms in just about 3 days or so. I swear by the stuff. Good article!

01.11.2019 17:08

Thank you,

Yeah it's amazing for sure... It grows where we live, but I haven't seen it wild on our property. And that's about to change!

01.11.2019 19:03

You know, I reckon if you put a TWIG in your backpack you can grow it from a cutting. I grow cuttings from elder all the time, it's super super easy. Elderberries are just the BOMB!

01.11.2019 22:57

Oh yeah I could, but you think I can in the winter? I guess as an interior plant for now maybe...


02.11.2019 08:09

You’ve been visited by @porters on behalf of Natural Medicine. Good move to collect the seeds and spread the abundance of this wonderful medicinal berry. That's the thing about seeds - they come from one plant but can multiply that plant at least ten fold if not more! All the best in your growing food and medicines!
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02.11.2019 01:35

Thank you @porters I do hope I can create abundance amd than share with my friends, family and neighbors.

02.11.2019 08:11