Glidr - Product Management Software for data-driven teams


Product Management Software for data-driven teams



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GLIDR is a Product Management Software for data-driven teams built to help your team build a shared understanding of customer needs, prioritize what to build, calibrate your go-to-market strategy, and make smarter decisions across your innovation portfolio. It is a new approach to product management software that puts feedback, discovery and validation at the center and product success within reach.


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Super software with many options and features, the best job from developers, surely upvote

06.10.2020 07:11

This is a pretty cool find. I can see this helping increase efficiency and productivity for teams in their product development. I am more impressed with the design of their website.

06.10.2020 15:03

Especially agile management methadology is very important for software companies. Becuase such this companies have to produce own software product more fast. Thus especially such these companies must use like that program to perform own marketing goals

06.10.2020 15:05


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