My fruit garden🥭 (Mango)🥭

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My fruit garden(Mango)🥭


🥭Mango is a fruit that is juicy and sweet. Everyone loves this fruit. There are different species of mangoes in our country. 💐I have planted four species of trees in my garden. Mango Rupali, Haribhanga, Bari 4 and Langra. This variety of mango is very popular in our country. These are very tasty to eat. I will share this species of mango today.💞

🌱Mango Rupali(আম রুপালি)🌴


Mangoes of this variety are not very large in size. This variety bears fruit one year after planting. Small trees have many yields. Many trees can be planted in a small place. So there is a lot of demand for this variety of mango tree.



Amrapali mangoes are slightly smaller in size, elongated and have a lower curvy, greenish or reddish-yellow color when ripe, with an attractive color after ripening. This mango starts ripening from late June to early July. The weight of mango is 5/6 mangoes per kg.
This variety of mango is very easy to cultivate. The cost of cultivating this variety of mango is much less than other varieties of mango. This mango is cultivated in hilly areas.


🌿Haribhanga( হাড়িভাঙ্গা)🏝


The mango is very fleshy, round in breath and a little long. Breath is much shorter than mango, there is no fiber inside. Slightly heavier than other mangoes in size. On an average 3 mangoes weigh 1 kg. In some cases a mango weighs 500/600 grams. Nutritious mangoes remain intact for more days.


Haribhanga mango is the hopeless mango of Bangladesh. The world-famous, incomparable mango in taste and smell.


Besides being eaten as a fruit, mango is also used to make chutneys, pickles, mangoes, jams, jellies and juices. Contains plenty of Vitamin A or Carotene, Vitamin C, Minerals and Calories.

🌿Bari4 (বারি 4)🍀


Bari 4 new varieties of mango. These mangoes tend to be much larger in size. This mango starts ripening in July. This variety of mango is very sweet and delicious. It is very profitable to cultivate 4 varieties of mango.



I have this variety of mango tree in my garden. Last year I got 10 kg of mango from a tree. This time the yield of mango is a bit less due to adverse weather.


🌲Langra mango (ল‍্যাংড়া )🌳


This variety of mango is mostly cultivated in Rajshahi, Bangladesh.Contains light green to light yellow color when ripe. The flesh of the fruit is yellowish. The smell of mango in its raw state is really crazy. This juicy fruit has an average sweetness of 19.8%.Once collected after maturation, it can be kept for an average of 8-10 days.



There is a lot of demand for this variety of mango. Very tasty and sweet.


🏞Mango trees are planted in almost every house in our country. There are some mango trees of Baromasi variety. mango is a very nutritious fruit. This mango meets our nutritional needs. We should plant more fruits plants. I have planted litchi, coconut, orange and other fruit trees in my garden.🗻🌷🌺🌹

🌻Thanks everybody🌻

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