Winner Announcement Congratulations to all the winners!!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳🎁🎁🎁🎁😍😍.

Hello everyone hope so you all are good so friends we are very excited to announce the winner of our first contest which happened to be very successfully and it makes us really proud though we got only 4 entries but even that is better than nothing.


Winner 1

The first prize goes to @riya2222 thanks for joining in and you have won a prize of 5 steem so very much congratulations to you. Also there will be more upcoming contest so keep taking part in it and there might be possibilities of you winning more prizes. Hear is her contest entry Post.


Winner 2

So the second winner is @ruchii and we must say she was the only one who shared tips regarding yoga which is very much effective for everyone though it be weight loss or maintaining it so a huge thumbs up to her. Hear is her contest Post. Thanks for taking part in stay tuned for more updates. Also she gets the reward of 4 steem.

Winner 3

So the final winner is @ayushikumari and in her post she has shared a very much healthy fooding habbit which is really a very good thing and there is a lot to learn from it. You can watch her contest Post. She will be receiving a reward of 3.5 steem thanks for taking part in.

Also as promised that everyone who will be taking part in will receive an reward of 0.1 steem for taking part in so as we have only 1 entry for she will also be receiving a reward of 1 steem and she is non other than @prema46 thanku for taking part in the contest. Hear is her contest Post.


So all the rewards has been transferred to each one of you thanku once again for taking part in and also stay tuned for upcoming contest as it would be having almost double the rewards from now so just wait guys and show your love and support to our community.

Deligation Update:

Slowly and gradually we are increasing our steem power by getting Deligation from the community and also by powering up steem today we did a power up of 100 steem which we will be increasing as we get the support from the community. Secret beauty account stands at a 2100+ steem power mark. Congratulations to everyone who have been supporting us.


Thanku everyone for making this contest successful have a wonderful day.

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Peace & Love!

07.04.2021 06:13

Congratulations to all the winners out there!!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳

07.04.2021 07:08

Thankyou...and looking forward fir new contest

07.04.2021 07:32

New contest will be announced very soon.

07.04.2021 07:37