NO Money in my pockets, coz it's all in my BELT | MAIL TIME MADNESS - Seb Cam #230

I've got no money in my pockets, because I put all my money into this BELT!! What's in the belt, I hear you ask?! .... Well that's what I'm about to show you. It's more MAIL TIME MADNESS with SebCam the human WebCam.

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I created a SebCamazon shop to sell everything I love, from vegan humor TShirts and Hoodies, to CBD Oil and Adventure Gear. You can also book me for Motivational Speaking events and One2One Coaching Sessions, it's all here....! https://SebCam.TV

My name is Seb, this is the Cam... this is #SebCam.

If you only follow only one account, follow this one. Expect quotes, music, superhero life stories, books, movies, video diary vlogs, behind the scenes adventures, plus Resteem's from all my super awesome friends.

Step 1. Do what u LOVE. Do what EXCITES you.
Step 2. Share with Steemit to monetize Dream$.
Step 3. Remember BOREDOM is the Enemy... (NOT some abstract "failure")
Step 4. Take Action towards your dream...
Step 5. Repeat Steps 1 - 4!!!

My name is Seb, this is the Cam... this is @SebCam.

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@SebCam One Man, One Camera, One Journey........

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