The World Is Bullshit


We live in a very strange place

Divided by religion and race

While the news keeps us on our toes,

Teaching us to hate our hero’s

And love our foes

Our compassion in degradation

A social segregation

A sick sense of patriotism

Supporting Guantanamo prison

Behind which terrorism has risen

So we go to war

Which is crooked from the core

Supported by the banks

Who help buy the tanks

But never fill the ranks.

And Haliburton clean up the mess

Making billions from a Nations, distress

Pumping oil back to the west

A move we should detest

But we could not care less

And what a bizarre situation

Surrounded by nuclear power stations

That could kill us all

If the reactors fail or fall

And where are all the musicians

The lyrical magicians

With their philosophical visions

Shaping life changing decisions

All of that is dead,

Pop is what we have instead

And hip hop sold its soul

And the rappers help to play a role

That guns are cool and bitches aint shit

Is that really how you want to, Market it

Is that how you want your kids to live

Is that really all you have to give?

Civil court proved the Government killed king

But nobody cares just look at the bling

Cz Kim Kardashian lost an, ear ring

But it’s cool to be a clown

And they try and dumb it down

So let’s prioritise the truth

And don’t forget about the youth

Spend money on the poor

So there’s no homeless any more

Re celebrate intelligence

And forget about the arrogance

And let’s use the new technology

To live life likes it’s meant to be

To create time for rest and play

Not spied on by the NSA

And let use live for today

Lets build a world worth living in

That makes us happy from within.

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