To Burn or Not to Burn...... Today's little Gem!

So today I scored this nice little gem from opening a few beta Packs in the Splinterlands game.


There are only 110 of these in circulation and it is not a summoner that I use at all. So my question is....... Do I sell this or burn it? At the moment, I would get a few $$$ more by selling if there was a buyer compared to burning for DEC.

So to burn or not to burn...... That is the question!

If you want to join the SteemMonsters/Splinterlands phenomena, feel free to use my affilate link:

Thanks for reading!

Comments 3

Burn! :)

04.07.2019 12:22

Do you want the steem or the DEC more? XD

05.07.2019 06:38