Hungarian President ratifies law taking away research network from Hungarian Academy of Sciences [sciencevienna's twitter Feed : 2019/07/13 12:44:34]

"The final bill that was ultimately passed by #Parliament stripped the #Academy of the entirety of its #research #network and passed control over them to a new body." #hungary #share2steem #bill #scientificcommunity #funding #academicfreedom

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Hungarian President ratifies law taking away research network from Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Research network to be supervised by new body with increased government influence, and financial framework will shift towards project-based funding.

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Netocrats rule the world

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Countries like Hungary, Poland, etc... are going backwards in time to USSR era.. Or, like in case of Poland, managed to get there in a matter of few years. Populist, brain-dead politicians, instead of raising standards, are "asserting control" over matters which are completely out of their scope...

These countries should be put in quarantine in terms of involvement in EU institutions until they reach level of civilization / quality of life required to be even considered to be part of such bloc...

Result of "government controlled science" is disastrous.. in my case, it meant I had to travel outside Poland (to Austria, among other places) to obtain comprehensive medical diagnosis of permanent bodily injuries I suffered due to criminal assault in flat I rented few years ago, because both "law enforcement" authorities and "doctors" in Poland refused to resolve this in any way and continue to deny this crime committed against me...

Talking to such people who claim to have "better information" than world-class specialists who actually examined me, in addition to multiple diagnostic imaging tests I took outside Poland (, is like having a conversation with a mentally ill person..

"government controlled science", just like corrupt, "law enforcement" authorities who have more to do with organized crime than actually solving crimes, is a farce

13.07.2019 11:29

Yeah I can imagine, thx for your comment, strongly can relate to it also out of my personal experiences with Poland

13.07.2019 11:35