Science is fun contest - science parody songs.

I love science and I love music. And I am feeling kind of crazy to add science on top of the music.

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Let's play the chords of science
Image by redondoself | CC BY 2.0

So I was sitting here in my boring lab,
Just doing another analysis on Matlab
I wanted to read
I wanted some science
But something light,
Something with rhyme
But nothing I could find, and I wondered

What if I make a contest post?
Contest for fun
With musical notes
I like to hear a sciencey song
I am feeling bored
I would be counting on you
So let's make it happen, and wonder

Let's wonder how, wonder why
How would you give music to science
And all I would love to see
Is a fun parody!

Hear the original lemon tree song by Fool's Garden

What is the contest about?

So it's pretty simple. Take any famous song which you like, take a scientific concept that you like and create a mash between the two. Basically, make a parody that talks about science.

How to participate?

Once, you have made your parody you can make your own post with a tag - #scienceisfun along with any other tag that you use. Then drop the link below in the comments. You can even post the parody song in comments, but I suggest you go for your own post. You can pen it down, or you can sing it and upload a video if you are a good singer.

Contest duration and winner selection

I will give two weeks of time for all submissions starting from the day of this post. After submission time is over, I will pick the best of the parody based on how well it rhymes and how cool it is in covering the topic. Plus I will also take into consideration the interaction and likes you get. But, if your parody is good despite having no interaction or likes it can still win. So focus on making it good.


The prizes would be given in liquid steem and sbi shares.

1st prize - 40 % of liquid steem earned by this post + 2 sbi shares.

2nd prize - 20% of liquid steem earned by this post + 2 sbi shares

3rd prize - 10% of liquid steem earned by this post + 1 sbi share.

So if the post makes say 40 steem in total, and 30 steem is author payout, and 15 steem is liquid steem, then 1st winner will get 6 steem, 2nd winner will get 3 steem and 3rd winner will get 1.5 steem. So don't forget to vote to increase the reward pool.

Some important rules

If you use images, make sure you use copyright-free images and cite the source and license properly.

Other than that feel free to be creative and use your imagination to make an original parody.

Final remarks

Since this is the first contest I am hosting feel free to make suggestions if you have any. Also, it would be kind of you to support this post and make this contest a success. I will be hosting more fun science contests if this succeeds.


This is a parody I just wrote from top of my head. Nothing special but just to give you an example.

Adaptive immune system - a parody of Zombie by Cranberries

images (99).jpeg

Image of Killer T cells surrounding a cancer cell before killing it. By Alex Ritter, Jennifer Lippincott Schwartz and Gillian Griffiths, National Institutes of Health | Public Domain

Another cell dies slowly,
Debris is slowly eaten
And the molecules, hang on the membrane,
Identity can’t be mistaken

But if it sees, it's not me
It's not my MHC
In your lymph, in your blood, they are fighting
With complement, and cytokines
their cytokines, and their enzymes

In your lymph, in your blood, they are fighting
In your lymph, in your blood
T cells, B cells, T cells -ells-ls
In your lymph, in your blood
T cells, B cells, T cells -ells-ls

Another pathogen breaks in,
A macrophage is taking over.
Microbial sensing, antigen-presenting
Makes the more efficient

They see the germs
And they learn
In your lymph, in your blood, they're still fighting.
With complement, and cytokines
their cytokines, and their enzymes
In your lymph, in your blood, they are dying

In your lymph, in your blood
T cells, B cells, T cells -ells-ls
In your lymph, in your blood
T cells, B cells, T cells -ells-ls-ls-eh

Other professional examples of sciencey song parodies

Comments 6

This is one I wrote (with others) in Les Houches, back in 2013, after a decent amount of beers. The original song is Imagine, from J. Lennon.

Imagine there is no SUSY<br>It's easy if you try<br>Only Higgs below us<br>Above us only Planck<br>Imagine all the people, drinking in Les Houches</p>
<p>Imagine there's no signal<br>It isn't hard to do<br>Nothing to kill or exclude<br>And no background too<br>Imagine all the people, living by SU(2)</p>
<p>You may say I'm a dreamer<br>But I'm not the only U(1)<br>I hope some day at some scale<br>All the forces will be as one</p>
<p>Imagine no trileptons<br>I wonder if you can<br>No need for razor or MT2<br>Standard Model for all<br>Imagine all the people, fitting just the Higgs</p>
<p>You may say I'm a dreamer<br>But I'm not the only U(1)<br>I hope some day with more data<br>New physics will have won

PS: I won't write any post with it, so that I self-disqualify myself. In addition, I am not the sole authors of the song, so... ;)

22.08.2019 19:33

Haha! Loved it. Also got to learn a bit about SU(2) and U(1), I guess I would spend some more time reading about mathematical formulation of standard model. Thanks for this. Not writing a post won't self-disqualify you. Anyhow, let's see if I get more entries. I am curious to know what kind of science competition people like. I thought I could make a journal club competition initially, but then thought it would get very limited participation. Hence, made this easy and fun one. Hope this gets participation.

Once again thanks for your support and this comment.

24.08.2019 13:04

I am looking forward to see the other entries :)

24.08.2019 22:19

I guess you are the sole participant and the winner for this. I will just proceed with sending you the reward tonight. Also, I don't know if this parody contest is going to work. Maybe it could have if more people were active on steem. Should try something like this again when there is more crowd, I guess. :)

07.09.2019 10:22

Please keep the rewards. As I said, I did it for the fun of sharing this song. The size of the community is really something tough those days :(

07.09.2019 20:18

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