Crowdfunding Campaign for Our Weekly Fruits Program || Part 56 ||

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Hello supporters of school for SDG4,

After a long time, we are going to resume our fundraising activities. Today we paid another 26.725 STEEM to 3speak to get one-month subscription and share our videos here. I will use @likwid to get the liquid fund for the post.

Many of our children are facing problems to continue their education but what I can do right now is just like you. I am not physically present in Bangladesh for my higher study in Germany. Some of them left school already for job and I was informed about it last week. I can do nothing right now except offering financial assistance and guide the teachers at @SchoolForSDG4.


This is Faruk who was student of our school last month and participated in the last fruits program on 26 October 2019. But now he stopped coming at school including her sister Moriam.

I am trying to get update and ask any of our teachers to visit them in the slum.


They were offered apple on 26th October 2019. I will send some funds from patreon I received so they can do something in another month. But the fund are not enough to keep going and it is not possible to fund the kids with a monthly donation of $22. So we need more supporter on patreon and fundition.

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School For SDG4

A School For Social and Educational Development of Underprivileged Children

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06.11.2019 14:52

Thank you for your donation

06.11.2019 19:51
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06.11.2019 14:53

Hope children enjoy that time very much.

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06.11.2019 15:42

Thank you, yes they are

07.11.2019 00:51

Fantastic Program...

06.11.2019 16:19

thank you

07.11.2019 00:55

This is such a heartwarming story with all of those beautiful kids enjoying their bright, shiny apples. At this time, I'm unable to donate anything financially, but I can shout you out.

12.11.2019 21:15