A circular hike above Krems-Stein

A circular hike above Krems-Stein

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This is the description of a beautiful circular hike above Krems-Stein I took some weeks ago.

I started this hike at the old building of the Danube Private University (DPU) in Krems-Stein, right next to the "Linzer Tor" (an old town gate) and then went in western direction through "Förthof", the most western part of the municipality of Krems an der Donau.

Right after the modern building of the DPU I turned right and went up the hill. DPU is a private university for medicine and dental medicine.

If you want to know more about the buildings you can see between the old and the new building of DPU, check this article.

After some hundred meters you have to turn right.

Soon you can enjoy a beautiful view over Förthof, the Danube river and Mautern an der Donau.

Here you have to turn right.

Only some minutes later you come to this lookout point next to a small waypoint shrine, take a rest and enjoy the beautiful view.

Right after this lookout point you come to this crossroads. Here you have to walk straight ahead.

Then you come to the few remains of the castle of Stein. There is not much known about this fortification. The walls have been integrated in newer private buildings. So you cannot "visit" the ruins.

Some meters after the ruins you have to walk one of these paths downhill. (If you choose the right one you have to turn left before the fence - some meters later these paths join again).

The path leads to this stairway that you have to walk down. You are now in a small valley called "Reisperbachtal".

Cross the road and walk up the small asphalted path.

Walk up the stairway that's integrated in the tunnel portal.

Now walk up the "Steiner Kellergasse", an old cellar alley.

Right before the "Rebentor", another old town gate, you have to turn sharp left…

and walk up this steep street called "Steinspreng".

This street leads in the vineyards.

Here you have to turn right and some minutes later take the left road, that's leading up this mountain.

The road is steep but you can enjoy a beautiful view over Krems-Stein and also see Göttweig Abbey in the background.

Finally you reach the cross. The mountain you have walked up now is called "Schreckberg", but as there is a cross on top, many people also call it "Steiner Kreuzberg".

Here you can see the Campus Krems with its three universities from above. I'll tell you more about these universities later.

Follow the road! Here you have to turn right and walk up in northern direction.

Right after the bigger hut on the right side you have to turn right.

Now walk down this track behind the hut.

After this steep descent in the wood…

you suddenly are at the Steigenberger Hotel & Spa Krems, probably the most luxurious hotel in Krems.

Go through this drive-through and you'll reach the main road "Am Rosenhügel". Turn right and walk down this road.

Then you see the new buildings of Danube University Krems, a university for postgraduate studies.

Then you can walk through the "Campus Promenade". The old building on the right side also belongs to Danube University. This building has been built as cigar factory before.

The old boiler house with the significant chimney is now used as cinema that's called "Kino im Kesselhaus".

Here you see the modern building of the IMC University of Applied Sciences (the second building is not visible on this photo). The two buildings with the red windows on the right side are the Kolpinghaus Campus Krems, a student hostel that belongs to the "Kolpingwerk", a worldwide association founded by blessed Adolph Kolping.

After the small bridge turn right. You will then walk along the Karl Landsteiner Privatuniversität für Gesundheitswissenschaften, a private university for health sciences.

Behind the Karl Landsteiner Privatiuniversität you have to turn left and then right again until you finally see the backside of Kloster Und, a former monastery that is now used as event location. Turn right and walk down the "Undstraße". Some minutes later you will come to the "Steiner Landstraße". Follow this street in the right (western) direction.

You will then walk through the "Kunstmeile Krems" and see the Karikaturmuseum (cartoon museum), the State Gallery of Lower Austria, that you can see on the photo above and the Kunsthalle Krems. Walk through this city gate, the "Kremser Tor" and then straight ahead through the beautiful medieval old town of Krems-Stein until you finally come to the "Linzer Tor" again.

You'll need about 2 hours for this beautiful hike.

A detailled German description including a more detailled map can be found on schmatz.blog!

On this trip you have already seen four universities that are located in the small town of Krems that has only around 25,000 inhabitants. But: There is one more university. You'll get to know this university in one of my next stories!

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26.12.2019 08:58

Love the detailed walk through you have given us and some of the views look amazing from the ascents! That climb up through the woods looks like it will challenge the fittest of people!

I think you could actually have included a little image of the map of the route in your blog here just to add to it (with a line on so we can see the route) but other than that  I felt like I was there with you. Awesome!

26.12.2019 09:37

Thank you!

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27.12.2019 06:45

Well done. Beautiful pictures,wonderful place

27.12.2019 07:51

Thank you so much!

27.12.2019 18:01