Announcement: STEEM Chess960 Tournament Saturday 25 January 20 GMT (less than 1 hour to go!)

Reminder for Season 9 Round 4: 25 January - 20 GMT (Duration 1 hour)

Free to join in at anytime, for all levels!

Mode: Chess960 with 3 minutes plus 2 seconds per move


Please check if you are registered and on the list in the winning post! Please check the local time and GMT time due to summertime in many countries!

Here I will add the link to the tournament 1 hour before the start:


Password: steemchess9

I am live streaming this event:

Time difference from Greenwich Mean Time GMT 20.00

Hawaii -9 hours 11am
Los Angeles −7 hours 13pm
New York, Venezuela −4 hours 16pm
UTC, GMT, Reykjavik, Bamako, Freetown 0 20.00
London 0 20.00
Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Nigeria +1 hours 21.00
Istanbul, Moscow +3 hours 23.00
Dubai +4 hours 00am
India +5.5 hours 01.30am
Novosibirsk +7 hours 03am
Beijing, Singapore +8 hours 04am
Tokyo +9 hours 05am
Sydney +11 hours 07am

  • Registration with a comment and your name

  • We play every Saturday 20 GMT!
  • We play on the free chess server
  • An access there is set up in a minute with your email verification
  • All games are scored, so your initial score of 1500 will change according to your performance
  • Game mode is 5 minutes plus 2 seconds for each turn, or something like this
  • Total play time is 60 minutes
  • Pairings are determined automatically
  • Try to keep the games short so you can play more games
  • Beserk Button for halving your time and deleting your extra time to play faster
  • Games must be started after 20 seconds, otherwise they are considered lost
  • Please upvote and resteem to help us grow the number of players
  • Tournament link and password will be inserted in this post 1 hour before the start
  • Promotion and analysis-post desired, all payout is for you!
  • GMT time converter:
  • The SBD or STEEM of this reminder posts will be distributed to the top 10 placed players in equal shares.
  • Feel free to post your links in the comments
  • Team Page:
  • Discord:

Please do not hesitate to post your chess-related link in the comments! In order to enlarge the pool of the players you are welcome to create your own analysis or promotion post!

Final result season 1 link Chess King: @stayoutoftherz
Final result season 2 link Chess King: @ape-5th
Final result season 3 link Chess King: @samostically
Final result season 4 link Chess King: @anadello
Final result season 5 link Chess King: @anadello
Final result season 6 link Chess King: @anadello
Final result season 7 link Chess King: @foxconnmars
Final result season 8 link Chess King: @renerondon

Payout for last week (January 18):

I got 7.434 STEEM from last week for the reminder post, 5 registered players (payout to the Top 10 payers): 1.486 STEEM each, rounded to 1.500 STEEM!


See you next time!

Thank you for your attention!

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