WELCOME TO THE BLOG OF STEEMCHURCH VENEZUELA @sc-v and now part of the "Dencentralized Venezuela Chapter" group managed by Alexis Landaeta, starting the first event that will take place on October , 2019 at the e Scien Faculty of the Centraral iversity of Venezuela*llocated in the great Caracas, Hour: 10:0a.m.

e finfind it wonderful that in such a short time the history of our community is changing in a positive way, are reaching gg great achievements and more people are joining every day, with this meeting The Decentralized Chapter of Venezuela brings together blockchain enthusiasts and professionals in the metropolitan area of ​​our country, and in this first stage the following programming will be carried out:

Presentation of the event / opening words.

1.-Crypto economy, Aron Olmos.

2.-Bitcoin, Alexi Landaeta

3.-Ethereum, Alfredo Castellano

4.-Nano, Antonio Russionelo.

5.-IA, Iot, Robinson Rivas.

6.-Decentralized Ven, Alexis Landaeta

7.-Decentralized Nicosia



The evenvent will begin from 00am Venezuela time atmthe UCV* facufaculty of Science, free admission.

We invite all those who wish to participate in this new stage of blockchain education in Venezuela to communicate through the available channels, you can obtain information about the event at:

The nenext conference will be in the east of the country, we hope to insert other blockchain platforms such as Telos, Steemit into togram.

Our task as an agent of change in society will be to interact in a complementary way in the promotion of new technology throughout the country, bringing together a team of professionals and enthusiasts with great talents to give wings to freedom ....

We aree are beginning a new era, we are taking the reins of our destinies through knowledge.

We will share the advances and activities with the adoption, promotion and consolidation of technologuela.




What to do now?


Or in our situation room SC.Telos inTelgram:

To register at Steemchurch telos, fill out the following form:

Blessed are those who work for peace, because they will be called children of God. Matthew 5: 9 | NVI

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Thank you @ ricci01 for this update, very optimistic and with great faith that we begin a new path in knowledge and freedom.


08.10.2019 04:38

Great stride. Trusting it will be a big come together to liberate families and give them love.

Thank you for putting this together.

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08.10.2019 05:32

Thanks for all the hard work

Posted using Partiko Android

08.10.2019 06:48

This looks very promising.
Will be watching closely in this area.

Glad that you can still do venues in Venezuela without persecution and restrictions 👍🏼

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08.10.2019 07:14

Be strong brothers from Venezuela 🇻🇪!

As we wish you a success.

08.10.2019 07:27

This is wonderful - would obviously be more wonderful if speakers from Telos or Steem were there. Next time would be great though Lady Ricci.


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08.10.2019 10:23

Certainly the growth always gives God, we believe that we are going to a new level, thank you @sc-v for remaining faithful in the work of the Lord.

08.10.2019 15:59

Being at the forefront of technology ensures #steemchurch to be able to access innovative tools with which to motivate and promote its parishioners. Extending the Kingdom of God is a mandate. God bless you abundantly.

10.10.2019 01:45