THE DIARY GAME : DATE 28-10-2020

Hello Steem World!

If I'm a mess in the morning, I feel like I spend the rest of the day trying to catch up. If I am able to be intentional about my mornings, the rest of my day tends to go more smoothly as well.

Early this morning around 4 am, i was up from bed and the first thing i did was to make up my bed. It only takes a few minutes, and it starts off the day on the right foot. I also love coming into my room to get ready to bed and having a bed that's made up and tidy.

The next thing I did after putting a few thing in place and making my bed is washing my face and I love drinking water early when i get up because if I’m studying or working all day I often forget to drink the recommended 8 glasses, so I try drinking 1 litre of water every morning. I later on did my morning meditation and read my some of my old books since it looks like i will be going back to school this academic year after one year upon obtaining my bachelors degree. Before i could discover, it was already 7am, i hurriedly prepared for work. I did not even get to do my house chores hoping that when i get back from work, i will do them.

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Today i continued with my trekking as my own small means of doing sports. I trekked from the house to the office and yet i arrived late. I guess i will have to schedule my timing such that if i am to walk to the office, i will arrive on time. Even thou when i got to the office before my boss, just the fact that i was late disturb me.

While in the office, i rested for about 30 minutes after the long walk and later on set up my machine, went to the kitchen and made some coffee for myself.

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After drinking the coffee, i set up my to do list and planned my day accordingly after which i took some time and check my email and other social media platforms and responded to messages that required response.
Before living the house, i had spoken with my friend whom i told him about STEEM to help him post his introductory post in the newcomers community. It was not easy for me describing to him how to navigate and publish your contents on steemit. We talked on whatsapp and phones calls to. Thank God he was a first learner so after a series of calls, he was able to publish his introductory post in the newcomers community. His user name is @nickzy and you can as well check out his introductory post.

I later on continued with my office task and by 3pm, i went to town to get some thing for the church and to also check the maintenance guy i gave him church equipments to fix.

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WhatsApp Image 2020-10-28 at 4.26.46 PM.jpeg

I bought drum sticks and about 15 meters cable to connect the speakers. The current once in church is not the best so i wanted to change them. When i went to the repairer shop, he was not around so i went to church and drop the cable with the drum sticks i bought. I left the church around 5pm so i hurriedly went back to the office and took my things and went home.

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