Country Representative Monthly Report for the Month of May In Steem Cameroon by @saxopedia

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Greetings to everyone, I will be sharing with you today my monthly report for the month on May as the country representative of Cameroon and community leader of steem Cameroon Community.

But first of all, i will really want to extend my appreciation to the steemit team for giving Cameroonian steemians another country representative(@mrgreens) whereby together with @njiatanga and @fombae, we will build a vibrant and strong steem Cameroon Community.
One thing i am very excited about appointing @thegreens as the third country representative of Cameroon is that; he is the grand father of steemit in Cameroon, as if anyone is know of steemit today is Cameroon is because, he heard the news, and preached/passed it on, of which Cameroonians can now boost of a growing and strong Community of steemit.

This report is going to summarized under the following points:

  • Summary of total weekly reports
  • Recruitment for the past month and a list of the newly recruits
  • The number of active and inactive Steemians in Cameroon the past month.
  • A summary of activities or contests i have been involved in during the month, in relation to helping Steemians.
  • Plans to grow and develop Steem in Cameroon.

A) Summary of total weekly reports

Every week, i usually dedicate 4 days just for reading and curating contents from both newcomers Community (Achievement tasks) and Steem Cameroon Community using @steemcurator03 and @steemcurator04 account. respectively.

Below is a screenshot taking from my laptop showing steem Greeters Team Curation Roaster whereby i get to curate every Tuesday and Thursday using @curator04 account.

curation roster.png

The above links are my weekly curation reports whereby i was able to read and curate a total of 268 posts during the past month.

B) Recruitment for the past month and a list of the newly recruits

Within the past month, Steem Cameroon Recorded a total number of 17 people joining steemit from Cameroon as shown on the table below and we trust to attain more than this number number this curent month.

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