Country Representative Monthly Report for Steem Cameroon by @saxopedia

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Greetings everyone....
The month of April has been an interesting month in Cameroon and i am therefor happy to share with you the monthly report for Steem Cameroon Community as the one of the Country representative for Cameroon and as well the community leader for steem Cameroon. As usual, this report covers the following areas as requested by the Steemit Team

  • Summary of total weekly reports
  • The total number of newly recruits this month
  • The number of active and Inactive Steemians in Cameroon during the month
  • A summary of activities or contests we have been involved in during the month, in relation to helping Steemians
  • Plans we have to grow and develop Steem in Cameroon.

A) Summary of total weekly reports

Weekly reports here include my curation activities within the month of April using @steemcurator03 account to curate and verify newcomers achievement task in the newcomers community and @steemcurator04 account curation contents in Africa but placing my focus on Cameroon Steemian. The links below show my total weekly curation activities

The total number of newly recruits this month

I always tell me team members "There is no doubt that both recruitment and retention are important to the growth and success of steem cameroon community. However, there’s no point in recruiting new members into steemit if one can’t keep your current ones." So in as much as new steemians keep joining steemit from Cameroon via the ongoing sensitization campaign, we try and work on keeping old members active as well. The list below show the total number of newly recruit.

Total number of newly recruit.

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Hard working is sign of dignity.Great

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Great work sir
Please I'm new and i will love to know how to do a good introduction. Achievement 1

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