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Cameroon Steemit Njangi Beneficiary of 33SBD By @saxopedia

Steemit Greetings to you reading this Post.

Have anyone ever wonder the reason why people call me "saxopedia"? Well one of the reason is because i play this wonderful instrument called "SAXOPHONE".

Presently i own one(Alto Saxophone) Which i have been using for the past 2years plus now...
I bought this instrument with no knowledge at all on how to use it, talk less of mounting the parts of the instrument and due to this, during my first month of playing around with this instrument when i bought it, i mistakenly damage the lower octave of Key C on this instrument which have greatly affected my play up til date.

Just one month after buying this instrument, "Key C" being the most common key was bad, even thou i was kinda happy because this gave me the push to learn all the other 12 keys..

My plans or what i will do with this njangi is very simple, To upgrade my instrument.
I want to buy a saxophone(Teno Saxophone), of which i have already seen that which I need from The link below will take you to the web page with details about this instrument.


Above is the picture of what i want to buy from Aliexpress which will cost me $488 and $114 for the shipping for it to reach me here in Cameroon. How i wish i knew i could talk directly with the manufacturer so we can discuss possibilities of them engraving my name on the saxophone (SAXOPEDIA).

This could just be the beginning of my branding(hahaha) .
Normally the total SBD i will get from this Njangi cant pay for the above saxophone as i have to power up 25% of what i will get as one of the rules of this Njangi, but i am hoping i can combine together with what i have in my wallet to get this particular instrument.


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I want to buy a saxophone(Teno Saxophone), of which i have already seen that which I need from

"@saxopedia you going to offer to me the old one for facilitating" Hahahaha

Wow this one you are planing to get really looks cool. I wish with all this put together, you will be able to get it. As for the branding, i think if you can get in touch with shop, they might be able to engraving your name on the instrument.

06.06.2021 21:17

Hahaha sure I would love to but I'm not sure if you have enough time to really seat down and learn this instrument and moreover, I don't want you to be an accomplist in my facilitating things


08.06.2021 06:24


08.06.2021 06:41

Music in it is life. I can c the joy u are having in this instrument . May it continue to lift and give u the joy music causes

07.06.2021 05:00

Wow nice plans you got @saxopedia. Hahaha thank you for telling us the reason for year name.
The first day i heard of this name at the seminar we had in Bamenda at wisdom golden hotel to be more precised, have been wondering me up till now. Hahaha you just relived the thoughts. Thanks once more.
Hope you will play for me a very beautiful music when it arrives. Haahaha am jealous already 🙈

07.06.2021 08:06

I have tried playing this instrument but it is very difficult oh.God will provide another one

07.06.2021 08:10

Waowwww 🥰 you know I think I knew about you being called @saxopedia because I know you play the saxopedia well. But surprisedly i pondered how you bought it without knowing how to use it either. You know after reading your post I have learned to go for what I have passion for with or without any previous experiences or knowledge about it. Knowingfully well that if am determined, then I can do it perfectly. Looking forward to seeing you perform in my husband surprise birthday in September 🙈. Don't worry about encrypting your name on the saxophone because if not now sooner than later one day you will get one with your name.



07.06.2021 08:24


Indeed you have said it all... #Passion and #determination.

My love for music in general is something I can't describe. It may shock you to know that recently I bought a new piano/keyboard of which I still don't know how to play...


That's what determination can do and I am giving myself 5 months..

As for you husband birthday...
I'm available at anything and I guess since we both are steemians, you will pay me in #steem

08.06.2021 08:50

You are indeed full of surprises
Continue in your determination and confidence because it always start from within. I see you going places❣️
Good luck as you learn the piano because during summer holidays sometimes I will need a tutor for piano lessons ! I trust you to tutor me . Yeah offcourse your payment can be made in steem.



09.06.2021 06:13

I think you omitted the part where you tell us that you're an encyclopedia of saxophone 😅
Thank God you want to change the sax! The part of putting your name on it can be done too here in Cameroon. I think those guys writing names on jewelries could help😅 not the local ones tho!.
I'm happy you will upgrade the sound going into our ear drums though you play no drums.
Courage and steemon

affable #cameroon

07.06.2021 16:04

@majerius please avoid me ohhh..
from my whatsapp status to steemit bro?? (hahahahah)

Actually engraving my name can be done locally here in cameroon but the idea is that i dont want even the mark or name or brand which usually comes with all instrument on the saxopehone. Engraving my name here in cameroon will simply means me adding my name on the one which originally came with the saxophone, which is what i am avoiding.

my music career started with the drums bossman
(A sticker of a man either garri and laughing at you)

10.06.2021 16:33

Woaw bro ,I can't wait for that beast of a saxophone to arrive here in cameroon,I just hope am with you on that day to here play all those wonderful melodies 🙏

cameroon #musiclife

08.06.2021 07:55

You've always sounded so so beautiful on the alto-sax @saxopedia... playing with you for all these years i never imagined that your key c even ever hard a problem even though you repaired it,,,you really sound great on the saxophone, and just like @fombae has said in his comment, you will either give him the alto sax or me, i really love the tenor saxophone, even as a music producer,i have been using tenor sax most of the times as my preferred saxophone on computerised version.. its always full and lovely..
I must confess the money you are calling for that instrument is quite expensive you know but nevertheless, with your 33SBD i hope that you are able to add something from your wallet and get that saxophone...
Engraving your name on it will be so sweet just like how sir Kadmiel did his on his Bass-guitar from the united states written KADMIEL
Goodluck my brother



08.06.2021 08:18

Thanks Bro..

Ministry or music with you has always been the best moments of my days.. YOUR FINGER, I dont know if its the same finger that Yahweh gave us all. I remember somedays back when i usually beg you to come play with me in our church but you where refusing (hahahaha) But is well bro.

Yeah the idea and inspiration of engraving my name on the sax came from our boss "KADMIEL" just like he did it with his bass guitar. I really hope i can achieve all this before the end of this year.

And finally i wont give either you or @fombea my alto sax(hahahaha)
Thats legacy bro

10.06.2021 16:29

@saxopedia just wait me for Bamenda i d cam .. as u d make mop say u no go give we your alto sax hahaha...
Hhahaha bro my fingers are thesame fingers that yaweh gave us all oh hahha.. its just that I've went for 80 days fasting before my sounds a little bit difference and for the record i came to your church atleast one sunday hahahaha😂😂😂😂

10.06.2021 17:11

It’s so amazing how you far you are willing to invest in music, infact i call it passion. The branding can be done even after you have received your instrument here i think . I wish you all the best because am certain there are lots of things you wish to achieve with the new instrument

09.06.2021 04:06