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**Hello to the entire Steem community! Today I bring you three illustrations referring to the people (and puppy) that are making possible a project called @project.hope, it is something very nice also that allows to support a group of people who are in my country Venezuela.
If you want to know more about them and the project here I leave the link "About us" and "Project Hope"**



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>*Hola a toda la comunidad Steem! Hoy les traigo tres ilustraciones referentes a las personas (y perrito) que están haciendo posible un proyecto llamado @project-hope, es algo muy bonito además que permite apoyar a un grupo de personas que se encuentran en mi país Venezuela.
Si quieren conocer más sobre ellos y el proyecto acá les dejo el link "Sobre nosotros" y "Proyecto Hope"*


**I love the detail that the puppy is part of the Team, so I decided to show the process as a special occasion (in a second part I put the process of how I made one of the people in the team).
I drew the lines with the photograph in a low opacity, in this way I could have a more accurate result of the animal, after that I proceeded to place the base color with the "Pen" tool.**


>*Me encanta el detalle de que el perrito forme parte del Team, por eso decidí mostrar el proceso del mismo como una ocasión especial (en una segunda parte coloco el proceso de como realicé a una de las personas del equipo).
El boceto a líneas lo saque con la fotografía en una baja opacidad, de esta manera pude tener un resultado mas exacto del animal, luego de eso procedí a colocar el color base con la herramienta "Pen".*

🔷 🔷 🔷

In an opacity of 7 to 10%, add the light tones with a yellow and the shades in blue and brown alternating with the brushes of "Charcoal" and "Airbrush".


>En una opacidad de entre 7 a 10% le agregue los tonos de luz con un amarillo y las sombras en azul y marrón alternando con los pinceles de "Carboncillo" y el "Airbrush".

🔷 🔷 🔷

**At this point it was to have patience and love to do each hair individually, I use my finger to draw since I do not really have a tablet (what I use is my husband's laptop, I have used generic touch pens before but it lasts only to Draw a picture so I stoped buying them.
I varied some shades of the fur between white, brown, yellow and decided to color it with blue in a minimum opacity, a little so that it did not look all the same color.
The scarf was made with the "Fluffy Watercolor" brush allowing that beautiful effect (tip: it is a very practical brush when it comes to making clouds too)**



>*Ya en este paso fue tener paciencia y amor para hacer cada pelo individualmente, utilizo mi dedo para dibujar ya que no cuento realmente con una tablet (lo que uso es la laptop de mi esposo, he utilizado lapices táctil genéricos antes pero me dura solo para hacer un dibujo así que deje de comprarlos.
Varié algunos tonos del pelaje entre blanco, marrón, amarillo y decidí matizarlo con azul en una opacidad mínima, un poco como para que no se viera todo de un mismo color.
La pañoleta fue hecha con el pincel de "Acuarela mullida" permitiendo ese efecto tan bonito (tip: es un pincel muy practico a la hora de hacer nubes también)*

**Programa: MediBang Paint
Tiempo: 21h aprox
Tamaño: 20x20cm
Resolución: 350dpi**

*Program: MediBang Paint
Time: 21h aprox.


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I hope you like it. A hug for everyone and good vibes 💖

Espero les guste. Un abrazo para todos y buena vibra 💖


Consider to follow our trail on steemauto We thanks all the support.

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Also, I'm a steemmonsters player, with the same User. If you wanna challenge me, trade or send any spare card.

✨✨If you want me to make you a draw, just let me know. I am open for comission without restriction.✨✨

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Seriously @sawcraz.art ... I LOVE IT!

Thank you for doing such an amazing job. Resteemed and upvoted already.

Yours, Piotr

13.02.2020 20:12

I'm glad I contributed something to this beautiful project :D

13.02.2020 20:54

Program: MediBang Paint
Time: 21h aprox.

21h? for all those 3 drawings (I hope not each one). I wasn't aware that it take so much time. Seriously WOW.

13.02.2020 22:27

The faces take me around 8 to 12 hours to make it :D (seven moths ago it took me like 3 or 4 days to finish somethig like that hahaha) The practice makes a master :3 But I still need to improve much more!

14.02.2020 02:50


16.02.2020 15:42

Hi again @sawcraz.art

Can I ask you for little favour? I joined contest called "Community of the week" with project I manage and I would be grateful if you could RESTEEM it and help me get some exposure and drop some encouraging comment :)

Link to my post: on steemit or on steempeak

Thanks :)
Yours, Piotr

03.03.2020 15:10

Hey! You look like Peter Norton :D

Her drawings are beautiful :)

13.02.2020 21:05

Your drawings are beautiful! :D

13.02.2020 21:03

Thank you so much! :3

13.02.2020 22:23

Oh amazing!

With all my heart I congratulate you @sawcraz.art, you really have a great art in your hands. You are very talented.

Thank you so much for this beautiful and full of love gift.

PS: Maybe we will see some drawings of the rest of the team soon?

13.02.2020 21:06

Aww I'm so glad that you like it! n_n!
Of course, in a second post I will put the others members :D

14.02.2020 02:51

Nice drawings.

21 hours? Really? Do you have an older machine?

13.02.2020 21:40

Hahaahhaha I only know that this laptop is half tactil, and with the animals i'm not thaaaat good so i took my time to do my best D:

13.02.2020 22:22

21h only on drawing of our little puppy dog?

13.02.2020 22:41

Hahahaha I do faces more quickly because I know how to proceed, animals and backgrounds take me out of my comfort zone, but little by little I learn more about it, in some moment I hopefully going to make this kind of drawing in 4h hahaha (expectation vs reality)

14.02.2020 02:45

Dear @sawcraz.art

I congratulate you, you are a very talented girl.
The images are great, I hope to see my image soon LOL I hope to look great,

As the image of @crypto.piotr and @juanmolina.

But our pet was also super cool

Friend @crypto.piotr, in our project, in addition to our similar interests towards issues related to robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, cryptography, economics, human psychology, etc. passion for blocklchain technology (in particular with STEEM blockchain) . I can suggest to include Art

Like the one you do, our beautiful friend @sawcraz.art, I think we can also support this type of work.

What do you think?

13.02.2020 22:24

Hahahahahaha I know you will like your drawing that I made to you with a lot o love XD.
Thank you so much for all the support! :D

14.02.2020 02:53

Dear @lanzjoseg

Art isn't in any way related to topics that we're focusing :) I don't mind supporting some authors from time to time with an upvote, but I don't want to change our project direction. Hope you understand.

Cheers :)

14.02.2020 07:30

Soon we will see how you look drawn, friend @lanzjoseg.

15.02.2020 02:44

prosím o radu jak nakupovat věci v holybread
.Nejde mi to kupovat za dolary

14.02.2020 00:56

what about holybread?

14.02.2020 07:28

This was so cool to learn about!
What an interesting way to bring life to a picture . It looks wonderful .😊

14.02.2020 01:49

Thank you! I still need to improve, but, I hope someday that I can make more detailed tutorials or gave more useful tips for everyone who wants to learn :D

14.02.2020 02:57

@tipu curate

14.02.2020 07:27

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 10/15 - need recharge?)

14.02.2020 07:28

Thanks for sharing this. @Crypto.Piotr and @juanmolina looks great in this cartoon. PH to the world.

14.02.2020 09:05

I think Peter needs a vacation. He looks so old. Also, I swear I've seen that puppy around my neighborhood.

14.02.2020 17:31

Uau! Super nice... I am so jealous... 😅

15.02.2020 05:32

Hello dear @sawcraz.art, excellent work, nice art.

16.02.2020 18:59

Hi @sawcraz.art

I congratulate you, you have a great ability to draw, the illustrations were great, I would like to have such a beautiful digital avatar. I was curious, can you recommend me some digital tool to draw on Android ?, I would like to try to play with my tlf for a while.
You have a lot of talent, I like how realistic the images look.

Posted using Partiko Android

16.02.2020 23:06

Very nice artwork.

21.02.2020 08:23