Why Cry Over The Same Pain Again If You Can't Laugh At The Same Joke?

There is this great story that I had read as a child. A few days back, I got to read it again on some guy's social media that was shared by a friend. The story talks about a father and a daughter.

A father tells his daughter a joke. She laughs heartily. The father repeats that joke and the daughter laughs again but not as enthusiastically as she had done the first time.

Then her father repeats the joke a third time and this time the daughter doesn't laugh at all. She wonders why her father is repeating the same joke again and again.

Seeing her bewilderment, her father said, "If you can't laugh at the same joke again and again, why do you cry over the same pain again and again." This immediately hits her and she realizes the gravity of the insight her father had just given her.

Rise Above Your Pains

Facing pains in life is normal. That's just life's way of teaching you some vital lessons and making you stronger and wiser. This is the journey of life that we all go through.

Now, you have two options when faced with pain. You can either give in to it and crumble under its weight or you can rise above it and become a stronger human being. Which option do you want to choose?

This one decision can change your life forever. In fact, it will result in a mindset that will guide all your life decisions. And as we all know, it is our decisions that shape us into the person we are.

Please do yourself a favour and just rise above the pain. Don't let it eat away at you. We all have a very limited time on the planet. Don't waste it away in pain while you could be enjoying every moment of it in utter bliss!

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Very, very good story mate.
Thank you very much.

24.02.2020 17:45

Thanks for reading :)

25.02.2020 17:05

Rise above the pain and be a stronger human being! Yes, definitely! Giving up is never an option now! We have to grow always! :):)

25.02.2020 09:44

Yes!! Never give up. :))

25.02.2020 17:05