Check Out Airbus' Eagle Inspired Airplane Design


When it comes to airplanes, we haven't really seen much change in the design from a layman's perspective. That's not to say that they haven't had progress. Planes are quieter, faster and more efficient than before and they keep receiving incremental updates from time to time.

However, it has been a long time since this space has had a revolutionary breakthrough. Ideas like electric planes, hybrid planes, supersonic planes have been talked about but we are still a ways away from those becoming a reality.

We do get incredible concept designs from time to time though, from airplane manufacturers. I remember watching one last year of a plane that would ensure the survival of all on board in case the plane goes down. Other concepts have showcased innovative designs that look stunning as well as maximise efficiency and speed.

Today I saw this concept of an airplane by Airbus that was inspired by an eagle and it really looks gorgeous. This mimicking of nature's design has really helped humanity in so many areas and maybe they can lead to a breakthrough design in aviation as well.

Bird of Prey

In the video you can see how awesome the plane looks. It really looks like a mechanical eagle. The tail, the wings, the underbelly of the plane, all look so similar to that of an eagle or a falcon.

This is a hybrid-electric design concept so I am guessing it would use both conventional fuel as well as electricity. As you many know, many experts have now begun talking about the future of electric planes and if airplane manufacturers are serious enough, we may see them become a reality in the coming decades.

Airbus also said that this airplane has 'individually controlled feathered wings' which apart from looking epic, could provide greater fuel efficiency and better control to the pilots.

The purpose of launching this design is not to actually build one, unfortunately, but to inspire young minds to become engineers in the aerospace sector and help design the planes of the future. This sure is a novel way to inspire the youth to carry forward the torch of innovation.

Image and video credits: Airbus

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Impressive design airplane.

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