The Dairy Game: 08/05/2021 My Saturday Activity ( Better Life on Steemit)



Hello noble people on steemit, I am with you once again I like to share with you my Saturday Activity with you. My steemit name is @sarkodieeric1

My Morning Activity

I thank you Lord for the strength and the gift of life. When I wake up from my sleep in the morning I listen to sermon whilst I was on my bed and I also read my Bible as well. And after I finished reading my Bible, I swept my room and after the sweeping my room I gathered my clothes to wash. And before I did the washing I did some scrabbling at the bathroom. And after the scrabbling I continue with my washing.


My Afternoon Activity

When I finished washing the clothes I hang the clothes on the lines and after that I did some sweeping of the floor and after the sweeping I mobbed the floor, the corridor and as well as the kitchen. And after the mobbing I was having some trush and then I sent it to the refuse damp and I came back to washed myself and after that I slept.



My Evening Activity

And when I wake up from my sleep I saw some missed call on my cell phone and then I called them back. And then I took my rice and stew heat them on fire. And then I went out to buy some coca-cola to drink. When I finished taking the drink I ate the rice and stew I heated. I since I have no where to go I sat down and I was watching cartoons from my laptop and after watching the cartoon I went out to washed my utensils and I went and removed my clothes from the lines.


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I dunno if having an introduction written in red is really good for a write up but you’ve got style though thanks for sharing your day

09.05.2021 14:50