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Whats up guys hope my group mates are doing well and enjoying their life.
I was very busy in works so i could not share dairy game since three days
I had planned that today i will complete my number and complete my
accountability. BUt I could not maybe yesterday i will complete.


I feel proud to be member of #Steempakistan and #project-hope.

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Today i have to go college. last night sir sajid Message again in the group that all boys
are directed to college yesterday at 10 AM. So i wake up early in the morning and finished
my morning work. Put new dressed and went to college. We have plan to visit Sumnadr
Khata . So finished my college work as fast as i can. After that i went to harno with @abdt
because our plan has been canceled. We both went on bike.


We went there first we swim in local khatta Small river. After that we came
back to the shop of pakoray. We both eat pakoray there and went out to harno
lack. I have also share in my previous post, Visit of **abbottabad, about
the lake of harno. Now i have shot originally with my own mobile.


After eating Pakora we pray the prayer of Zohar. The masjid is just beside the harno lake, and these all shots are there
During taking shots i slipped and mobiles of @abdt just fell into water but remain safe. Thank God if had any damage
i will have pay. He is good guy but this is my moral duty to pay his damage. After that we went on pull which was made
1977 and build by wood. When i stand in the center of full it was shaking with the waves of air. The height of this pull is more then thousand feet and what will you feel if your standing on a pull which is shaking with air. My legs were also shaking with fear of height. When i arrived at home i take some rest and after the rest i will have to meet with my friend
at sarbn chowk . There we played carrom board game and he won because i played this game first time in my life.


And now i am at home and eating this.


Thanks for reading.


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I liked those lines, in which you had to pay me. 😆 Thanks for true words.

onepercent #pakistan

09.09.2020 18:58

@sardar_sani , wooden bridge in the picture behind you is really very awsome .. and the landscape of lovely nature woow
Thatnks for sharing with us ..

onepercent #pakistan

09.09.2020 19:08

You had such an interesting day. Incredible.
Thanks for sharing :)

09.09.2020 20:08

College life is best part of life bro enjoy it :)

09.09.2020 20:20

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