Welcome to my post, and "Eid mubarak to all my friends" yesterday was the second day of "Eid" and i could not post my dairy game due to certain reason, i will share them below and this is my coverage post.
So lets start.keep reading...


Hello my friends, i was ill yesterday. My body is in full pain i don't know why maybe it was due to the over work on "Eid's first day". I Used Steemit but did not post my diary game. Yesterday i just do comments and check the different post of dairy game and @steemitblog .
Encouraged some new fellow and try to explain them the rules of diary game. Somehow i manage and i did not take a single step out from my home because of the pain, currently i have pain in my right elbow. But i am managing this post and i will manage my today's work.


Yerterday i wake up late in the morning and feel pain in the whole body. Then i take my breakfast with the cup of tea and " pratas" . Then i take shower and brush my teeth. After brushing i unlock my hens and allow them to go outside, and then my birds, i feed the birds. They are some local birds and quail. Then watched TV show, that was speacial program only run on "Eid days". With the passage of time the pain intensity got greater and greater . I took a pain killer just before the lunch, that gives me some releaf. After that the lunch was ready, in lunch there was fried meet with yogurt and then i rest for an hour. After that my younger brother brought some chips with cold drinks then i eat.
After that the pain start it' s journey again in my body, i can't explain my experience in words. Only i can say at 4 Pm i just faint on the bed and 10 Pm at night i reclaim my consciousness. Then i saw my faimly is doing Babi Q. I helped them, we all were working together, i mixed the masala's into meet and then start helping them with my words because i was unable to do anything with my hands..
Thats all, it was my worst experience.
At the last here are the pictures of BBQ check it out.





These all picture are mine and free from copyrights and i shot them with my phone.
(P 9 lite)

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My team name #tuseemandteam from Pakistan.
I am inviting my team member to visit my post and also mention me in your post
@rashid001 he is new member of team he will conform this by making a post..

At the last i am very thankful to @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 for this grand competition...

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Great work bro

Brother, you can get 10% votes from @steemcurator01 by commenting every day visit this post for details.
Follow @steemitblog. So, that you can see all their posts. They will give new update every day. You can see them.

03.08.2020 08:12

Thanks for info..

03.08.2020 08:16

Happy to see new member, waiting for confirmation post. BB Q is my favorite too, this is looking awesome, I just imagine it's taste.
Send me the photos #kattha wali, do regular good work.


03.08.2020 09:00

Hahah send kar di hain
And i am invitind
To commemt on my dairy and make sure commenting on the post of every member of the team..

03.08.2020 09:03

Confused about the team name its tuseemandteem?? or tuseefandteam ??? I suggest the team name as (teampakistan) and i would like to invite a best and active steemian from pakistan , 🌹 Sir @yousafharoonkhan 🌹to join us, in @thediarygame

03.08.2020 09:22

Thanks for sharing your opinion but the name won't change now our team #tuseefandteam announce the team name before the starting of this game in jully. You can visit @tuseef-akram posts for more information...
And thankd for inviting new member if he joined our winning chance will increase..

03.08.2020 09:36

Team name is tuseef and team. We were thinking for team Pakistan, but we didn't got any other pakistani friend to join so we thought to create a name of team on @tuseef-akram name, so he is newbie and he will feel better. Thanks for inviting @yousafharoonkhan he is really a big steemian, and he is great.

03.08.2020 09:47

Yes, absolutely. And definitely.

03.08.2020 09:44

Thank you for taking part in The Diary Game on Steem.

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The Steemit Team

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