When you are stronger, the world is fairer to you


Rebb joined the company as soon as he graduated and became a grassroots salesperson. Even though he had a master, he spent most of his time exploring on his own.

Business departments have high commissions, and there are often situations of bullying and robbery of orders. There was a time when Rebb managed to negotiate one order, at the last minute, because he didn't follow the process, another old employee took the lead to report, so his performance didn't count towards Rebb.

Thinking that I was a newcomer, I needed to learn more, Rebb didn't really care, and worked diligently as usual.

In the third month, the boss assigns responsibility for a difficult area, and assigns Rebb to a remote area, where the road is long and the potential for customer consumption is low, and everyone is reluctant to leave.

Rebb quietly accepted the setting. He often passed early in the morning, visited house to house, and then took two buses at night to return to the company to make a summary report. Every day, he spends at least 3 hours on the road.

After a month, Rebb became dark and strong from the white and pure youth, and his face became a little harder.

Colleagues in other territories easily acquire large numbers of customers, and many new recruits from the same group become regulars. The company determined that within 6 months a minimum of 500,000 sales had to be reached before it could be positive.

By the 5th month, Rebb is halfway from her goal of becoming fuller, and her boss lacks any expression or comfort. In fact, with a few tweaks, Rebb could easily reach a fuller standard.

Faced with this unfair treatment, Rebb felt great sorrow, and thought about it or gave up.

One day, Rebb saw a sentence in the book: You have to endure to the end to know the result. Think that there is only one month left, and if you work harder, even if you leave the company in the end, there will be no regrets.

Maybe it's time to go. In the area where Rebb was responsible, many demolition households recently moved back. Since Rebb garnered a good reputation in the early stages, they all found Rebb to order.

In just the last few days of the 6th month, Rebb completed the required performance standards for conversion and was converted successfully.

After his conversion, Rebb worked even harder, laid a good foundation in a remote area and provided enthusiastic service. Slowly, customers from other areas also took the initiative to find him. Two months later, Rebb's performance was the first in the company.

Supervisors take the initiative to find Rebb to chat, praise him, and also make Rebb the leader of the group, increase his base salary by 40%, and adjust the areas where Rebb is responsible.

Today, Rebb has become a business manager and is responsible for several areas. His career is growing rapidly. Not only does he earn respect and resources in the company, he also becomes confident when he goes out.

The world is like this, when you are very weak, you will feel that many things are not fair to you, and you do not want to think that you have been wronged.

But if you treat this injustice and your mentality is negative and pessimistic, you will only endure this injustice forever.

Absolute justice cannot exist. If there was, then a weak person would not want to work hard, and a capable person would not progress, because the result was the same regardless of whether they worked hard or not. So society does not progress but can only stagnate.

So the correct approach is to face this injustice. When you are weak, try to gather energy and make yourself stronger step by step. Only when you are strong enough will the world be fair enough for you

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