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You are full of ambitious aspirations.
You are full of plans to make your dreams come true.
You are full of successful thoughts.

But you are the one who always fills your life with only frustration, grudges and escapism.

Now I want to tell you about success. I want to talk about how to be successful.

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You may laugh.
Because it is comedy to you that people who have nothing talk about success.

So you enjoy comedy, and your own life has become a comedy. No matter what he does, he becomes a funny comedian who is always frustrated, annoyed, and running away.

You assume the condition of success is your ability. That ability is the ownership of objects that are obtained through effort. So you attract things like money, knowledge, and experience. Because I think the more objects you have, the more power you have, and thus you are qualified to be one step closer to success.

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So to you, you are everything. You are the alpha and omega of success, who gain strength through hard work.

At the same time, objects are everything to you. Many of the objects you already have are the alpha and omega of success.

So, your success ultimately depends on you and your dependence on your object. You have entrusted everything about your success to your own ability to effectively draw power from objects and have them as your own, and the nature of objects that seem so great that you want to have them.

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