Healing Gaia

I don’t believe in global whatever - warming or cooling.

I go by my spirit and what the divine shows me.

I’m aware that this planet is in need of healing.
As the magnetic axis is off.
The oceans and rivers polluted.
Our eco-system is dying.
Animals are going extinct.
This planet is suffering.

Gaia is as a battered woman crying out.

I speak directly to the planet and to nature which relays messages to me.

I write about these messages and hope that each one of you will take this information and spread it and also use it to help heal this planet.
And I assure you that this beautiful planet needs our help on every level it can get.

I was just in a deep download dream recently.
Where I was shown that the melting icebergs are a huge problem.
It’s causing an imbalance in the Earth’s magnetic axis and pushing it off more which in turn creates tsunamis that will destroy most of this planets life.
This isn’t the first dream or download on this subject I have had.

I’ve been told via dreams and downloads for the last three years that this planets magnetic axis is off.

I’m blunt and I don’t believe in fear I believe in solutions.

As stated, I believe we have divine technology in us.
By channelling energy and our voices and thoughts we can heal this planets magnetic axis and the other issues it’s facing.

It’s time to care about this planet and heal it.

This planet is an ancient sacred spirit that has been devastated by the pollution and soul disconnection.
The lower state of consciousness that humanity lives in.

Nature is divine it’s god itself.
By hurting nature you're warring with god itself.
You're destroying Gods presence on this planet.

Nature/God is sacred and should be respected and held above all.

I wish people would become more passionate about this beautiful planet and work towards healing it.

I see people are so passionate when it comes to negative things.
Imagine if all that energy was used for things such as healing this planet.
This would solve so many issues.
Stop giving your energy and power away and start using that to help out this planet.

When we gather together and join our energy we become even more powerful.
We can channel this energy into the earth to heal the earths chaotic magnetic field.

I have many memories of ancient practices that were used to heal or bring the frequency of any planet that was inhabited up.

In ancient times multitudes of people gathered together and channelled energy into the Earth’s core or the core of the planet they lived on.
This would bring the planets vibration up and keep it healthy and stable.
The people or beings who lived on the planet stood in their power and channelled it.
It’s important that we return to these ancient practices and use them to heal this planet.
Our modern technology has nothing on the ancient technology within our DNA within the frequency of our voices and within our ability to channel large amounts of energy.

It’s important to get your friends and create groups of other awakened people to work on this planet and channel healing into it.

Connect to your heart and send unconditional love into the Earth’s core, chant to the Earth.

Visualize gold and each colour of the rainbow pouring into the Earth’s core.

Visualize a healthy happy Earth, create that blueprint in your mind and imagine merging that into the centre of the Earth.

Talk to the earth and thank her and let her know she is loved.

On a physical level.
Go start cleaning up the trash in your cities and go join groups that help out the environment.

Go change this world.


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