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Hello, dear sisters❤️

Makeup has become so important and indispensable for us women as it helps us to improve our appearance and hide some imperfections on our face, but if we do not use it correctly it can be harmful to our skin, for this reason, I consider it important to have I have hydrated clean skin before applying any makeup product, we should not sleep with makeup since our skin needs to rest, and much less use dirty or poor condition brushes or brushes, I think that if we follow these rules we can maintain a healthy face and healthy.

Before continuing, I want to thank our dear @steemwomensclub for motivating us and inviting us to put on makeup and take care of our skin in her new and fun contest Steem Women Club Contest #12 MAKE UP PARTY & SKIN CARE !. So if any of you haven't participated yet, you still have time to do so and win some amazing prizes.

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As the contest is about skincare and makeup, I dared to bring one of my favorite routines when it comes to taking care of my skin where I use a coffee and olive oil-based skin scrub that I really like to use because It leaves my skin super clean and very soft, since coffee has many properties that help in the production of collagen, reduce ears, reduce dryness, whiten the skin a little, and easily remove impurities from our skin. I also bring super easy and delicate makeup that anyone can apply at home because I love it since it leaves my face beautiful and natural. In short, you can not miss the preparation of this scrub or the demonstration of how to apply it on our face, much less that simple makeup, ideal for any occasion. Let's get started.

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To carry out this routine of care and makeup we will need:


  • Ground coffee.
  • Olive oil.
  • DOVE facial conditioner.
  • Large brush.
  • Brush.
  • LCÔAMAXY base.
  • Mop.
  • Valmy eyebrow shadow.
  • Shadow palette.
  • DXinNier pink blush.
  • Chanel loose powder.
  • Vaseline lipstick.

Cleaning and skin care routine (Coffee-based scrub and olive oil, plus DOVE easy conditioner).


The preparation of this wonderful natural scrub is super easy since we simply have to add a teaspoon of coffee to 7cc or 7ml of olive oil and mix these ingredients until they are slightly integrated and that's it.


[exfoliante1 (1).jpeg](

[exfoliante1 (2).jpeg](

exfoliante1 (3).jpeg


Once we have prepared this wonderful scrub, we begin to apply it to our face, massaging it very gently, and leaving it to act for approximately 10 minutes. I recommend that when doing this type of activity, we use a headband to collect our hair so that our face is completely free, and thus we work much more comfortably and with the idea that everything will be flawless.

[exfoliante2 (1).jpeg](

[exfoliante2 (2).jpeg](

exfoliante2 (3).jpeg


Once the 10 minutes have passed, we remove the scrub with plenty of water and dry our face with a very clean cloth.


[exfoliante3 (3).jpeg](


Now, we apply my favorite product "the Dove facial conditioner" which has a value of approximately 2.3USD $, and it serves to cleanse and hydrate our skin, leaving us a face too soft, and well I love it. To use this product, we must mix a small amount of water in the palm of our hand to create a lather, and then gently massage it into damp skin. And to finish, we remove the conditioner from our face with plenty of water and rinsing very well.

[producto1 (1).jpeg](

[producto1 (2).jpeg](

producto2 (1).jpeg

This routine of exfoliation and hydration of our skin is very easy to do and the best thing is that it leaves our skin super clean and soft. In my case, I usually use it 2 or 3 times a week, especially the Dove facial conditioner that I love.

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Delicate, beautiful, and natural makeup.


The first thing we will do is apply our base, in this case, use a base from LCÔAMAXY make yo, I get it in the groceries close to home, it is not worth more than $ 2 and it is of good quality, the secret that our makeup looks beautiful is in the application so that our base is well distributed over the entire area of ​​our face I recommend that we always use a special mop, in this case, use a city color collection mop.

[maquillajebase1 (1).jpeg](

[maquillajebase1 (2).jpeg](


After having our face covered with the base, we paint our eyebrows with a Valmy eyebrow shadow that costs 1.5usd $, in this case, I use black or dark brown for my eyebrows, this shadow must be applied with a brush or flat brush of a way that blurs the color and looks natural.

[maquillajecejas (1).jpeg](

[maquillajecejas (2).jpeg](


Next, we apply the loose powder of Chanel that has a value here in my city of 2usd $, and it is recommended that we always use this type of powder since our face absorbs it more easily than compact powder.



Now, we apply a DXinNier blush using a very large brush in the area of ​​our cheeks, in this case, I decided to apply a very tender pink tone, thus, we will give a very natural and healthy touch to our face. This blush is priced in my city at 1.5usd $.

[maquillajerubor (2).jpeg](

[maquillajerubor (1).jpeg](


Finally, I apply an excellent pink Vaseline gloss ideal for hydrating our lips, because this is what I love the most about this type of makeup is that I look pretty and at the same time I take care of my face with good products.



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saracamperomakeupparty 2.jpeg

saracamperomakeupparty 3.jpeg

Hair mask | by @saracampero (March, 2021) Anzoategui, Venezuela

This was my participation in this beautiful contest Steem Women Club Contest #12 MAKE UP PARTY & SKIN CARE !. I hope you enjoyed it, thank you precious sister @ svm038 for the initiative of this contest and all the effort you make to keep us all united and strong within the community, you are doing incredible. I take this opportunity to invite our dear @edlili24, @anasuleidy, and @tocho24 to participate in this beautiful contest because there is still an opportunity to declare your love for that special person and win many prizes.

Thank you all very much for coming to join me and enjoy my participation. I sincerely wish all the other contestants much success and luck. ❤️

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