Automatic, intelligent and dynamic trash


Silicon Valley: Rizzi, a smart home-based company, has developed an intelligent, savvy and vibrant container for garbage that will be offered for sale next year.

In addition to the wheels and motors in the trash, there is also a computerized system that connects to its customer through a smart app. According to the program already given, it leaves its place at the appointed time and arrives at the place where the garbage pickup arrives.

Upon reaching the desired location, the saddle is erected, until the local municipality empties it into the garbage truck and puts it back on the ground. With the help of weight sensors, it immediately knows that it has now been emptied, so it must return home.
Its wheels rotate, and within a short time it reaches the inside of the house, reaching a designated position for itself.

Although once programmed, it can be fully automated, but can also be switched to semi-automatic and manual mode if needed.

Recently this automated and intelligent garbage company won first prize in a competition of startup companies. Following this success, the company of Reesei Smart Homes has begun preparations to market this trash for sale next year.

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