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Hello everyone! This is Sanya Zulfiqar, a 23 year old bookworm from Islamabad, Pakistan. I work as a content writer for a magazine (I look over the entertainment and book review sections) and also run an Instagram blog by the name of @bookshelf.and.closet. I am currently pursuing my Master's from two Spanish universities in International Business Management & Innovation. I am a firm believer that education is a life-long process and therefore, plan on continuing my studies further.

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Although I have heard a lot about crypto, I never really got a chance to explore it - so a beginner here! I live to read and am a true Potterhead (Slytherin) & right now, obsessing over Shadow & Bone! My favorite genres are fantasy/rom-com/mystery/suspense. My room is filled with books and I love to talk to people about the same - makes me happy! I am a movie buff too & my all-time favorite is 10 things I hate about you (a retelling of Shakespeare's play)!


On the other hand, I dislike sports (with the exception of badminton, which I play occasionally with my dad). Physical education always used to be my most dreaded class back in school days. However, I enjoyed art (even though my lines are always crooked), math and IT a lot. It won't be a lie if I say that I love to explore new softwares and apps and just play around and be creative. I consider myself to be quite tech-savvy - a typical millennial! Instagram and Goodreads are my most used apps!

Not only will I be posting book & beauty-related content here, I would be looking for the same kinds of posts created by others. I found Steemit through my blog friend, @event-horizon & I want to talk about my interests and also, learn about everyone else's! Looking forward to my journey on Steemit!

P.S: This is one of the articles I wrote:

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Hi @sanyazulfiqar
Don't forget to send @event-horizon your picture of you holding the page having your username,joining date and country Written over it !

Congratulations !
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Hi @hassanabid. I have sent @event-horizon my picture with the placard. Thanks, I shall now complete the next achievement.

27.04.2021 09:22

Welcome to Steemit @sanyazulfiqar!!

You are such a talented and hardworking blogger I have ever known. I am sure you will do great here!

Best of luck!

03.05.2021 09:46

Thank you @event-horizon. Hope to have a good time here! :)

03.05.2021 09:49

Hi @sanyazulfiqar welcome to Steemit! You may proceed to the next achievement task at your convenience 😊

05.05.2021 10:55

Thank you @cryptokannon. :)

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